Wake up Call: Hatonn Dec 23, 05 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Hatonn Dec 23, 05 *LINK*
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Friday, December 23, 2005 03:00 pm

Wake up Call: Hatonn Dec 23, 05

With all the changes coming about, and all the nuances of growth that are taking place in this world and in your hearts and souls, there is a decided difference in the energies that Gaia is emitting into the universal flow. This is as was seen to be, and everything is right on schedule in the overall scheme of things. I AM Hatonn, and on this day I am here to fill you in on some of what is going on in the stars that you gaze upon every night.

As each of you stand in the cool night air and search the heavens for a familiar constellation, or a single star that means something to you, that speaks to you, we see your eyes and we see beyond them into your soul. We see the angel gazing up at us and we hear the cry of familiarity as your soul sees and recognizes family.

We see as well the potential wending its way into your consciousness for you to know in your daytime who we are in a way that rings of the closeness of your earth family. Upon recognition of any of us there will come a day when you will remember the parts we have played in your lives, and your origins with us.

In the meantime, we see that your growth and your opening to those memories, though at this point they lay beneath the surface, they are very much there and very close to being brought forward. One day we will meet with you and embrace you in a hug of devotion and love for all that we mean to each other.

In the interim we continue to monitor your progress, and we lend our hand when the time is appropriate. We come and walk with you, and we whisper in your ear when you ask for guidance. We man our ships with a persistence that is both comfortable and able. We watch as you one by one take the bull by the horns and accomplish yet another feat of courage and of the strength of your convictions. We are sometimes sobered, and sometimes moved beyond words.

As we peer out from our posts on our ships we see all that is taking place on earth. We have computers on board that act as spy glasses and with them we can tune in to any place, anyone, anything on your planet at anytime. This is one way that we keep abreast of what is taking place. Another way that we do it is to use our abilities to be anywhere through our minds, without the computers. We have the ability to think ourselves to a place on earth, and to find ourselves in body anywhere we see the necessity, even in more than one place at a time.

This you will be remembering how to do as well; you will remember that you have done this in times before the earth plan. You have also done this in your sleep time; this you too will remember having done. As you awaken to yourselves you will be able to comprehend much that to you now is but fantasy of the mind, or something that you watch in a Star Wars movie.

Another thing that we do is to be able to watch the energies that are emitted from your planet. We monitor them for oncoming storms and incidents of nature that will pose a threat to you, or to the ecological systems of earth. We are able to determine what of these are of the intent of Gaia for cleaning and clearing of her system, and what are manmade and not to be allowed. This we tend to as the situation warrants.

As we go about these tasks we also observe how humanity is responding to the supposed threats to their safety, comfort or lives. Through this we are able to rate your progress because of the energy that you emit from this. You see, through your emissions of emotions we are able to see the rate in which you progress in your fields and we are able to ascertain the degree of awakening that you are making.

This is vital at this time in your ascension process for with the continuation of your awakening you are making great strides and the results are in what is being seen and done on earth. Through our monitoring we are able to determine what and how much you are able to endure, and when to, if at all, slow down the rate at which these events are bombarding the societal incidences that occur.

This is not to say that we are responsible for all the activities on earth. It is that we are able to determine if there is something that the illuminati bring to your experience that is beyond the capabilities of you to experience and still remain on track. Realize that this is a most decided track that you follow. You have set the perimeters and in this you determine the rate in which you overcome the obstacles that are sent out by the minions of the dark. With this feature of your awakening we are able to keep a close directive on your intent and the activities are closely watched and assessed in the moment.

We are more than sentinels in your skies. As you gaze up and see the twinkling of our orbs, know that you gaze on the fleet of ships that is here to serve you. You have called for this and you know why in your soul. You know that with our assistance you will be able to experience far more than if you were left to your mercies, for this is the time in your ascension process that all stops are out. You are being held in a field of protective light that keeps you from the possibility of being lost to the plan forever.

This is not a frilly-frally mission we are all involved with. This is a history-making event and as the energies mount in this expression of the God within you are making leaps toward ascension. We have been informed by The Creator that adjustments have been made throughout the past two years that enable you all to progress at this rate of speed. This means that the projected timeline that the Mayans saw those times ago will be condensed and the new earth experience can be reached before the year 2012, indeed shall be.

We are now in the process of opening up more space gates for you to visit us in the near future. These were not to be accessible till the year 2008; we estimate them to be utilized by the year 2007. Look at the number. This is a powerful number, and one that you addressed as being the intended adjustment for the coming Golden Age.

You are the leaders that you have been waiting for. You are readying yourselves to step into the roles of leadership that you have been preparing for. As you do this you will become the sovereign beings that you are, and you will discover that in the ability you all have to function as leaders, there will be no sheep, no followers, only leaders, working together co-operatively as one unit in the new societal changes and the manifestation and creation of Heaven on earth.

As the days draw near to the birth of the Christ child, we honor the activities that are taking place on earth. We see the hearts aglow with love and we see the measures being taken toward peace and freedom. We bow to your genius and we see that the humility inherent with this brilliance is very much intact. That is what assures the successful completion of this phase of the continuation to the New Golden Age.

It is sweet and it is fine. We bless you, as we feel blessed to be in your company. We wish for you the Merriest of Christmas times and we welcome you to the New Year loaded with promise and rising to the stars.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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