Wait, there's more... *PIC*

Wait, there's more... *PIC*
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Thursday, January 19, 2006 04:16 pm

Dick Cheney spoke in NY today at the \"Manhattan Institute\" (MI backwards is I\'M). \"Manhattan\" term will \"live in infamy\" for several reasons...The incineration of Japanese civilians was the result of one Manhattan project. The other infamous Manhattan event was... well, we all heard about that one.

Dick was all over the TV today doing a speech for the aforementioned, and FOX (sic) News and CNBC News interviews, so far. His speech was covered by no less than CNN, MSNBC, and FOX.

A reactor at Palos Verdes was reported to be shut down Last night or early this morning, no reason given for the action. I heard this news report during the Coast to Coast radio program this morning. Also, a train wreck reported in Alabama which was carrying tons of sodium cyanide and was on fire was also reported during the same radio programs news early this morning (PDT).

And who can forget that today is the 300th Birthday anniversary of Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, a member of the \"Hell Fire Club\".

Devils Tower Monument in Crooks County, Wyoming. An erosional remnant of a volcanic neck. It is made of magma that solidified at a shallow level.