wah loco

wah loco
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Saturday, August 27, 2005 02:11 pm

: \"Mad Dog is indeed a warmhearted love, a very gentle soul and
: should be
: spared the gnawing of a pit-bull.\"

: This type of vernacular is commonly utilized by females attempting to
: manipulate men and undermine his masculinity (insinuating that a
: fully grown man like Mad Dog needs to be protected by a surrogate
: Mommy). I presume Mad Dog knows these female tactics?

EXACTLY the gnawing (and goading) of which I refer, waah loco.
Knowing which \'buttons to push\' has apparently \'worked\'
for you one more time. Most of us \'see\' far beyond your facade
and your diligent attempts to divide us, first by gender, when
all else has failed under your \'guise\' of inhibiting free speech.
(Democracy, only when it \'works for YOU, eh wah?)

While you parse and parcel the \'analytical couch\' for others, I
implore YOU; seek help. The 12 year old has long since escalated
beyond the proverbial \'dunking of hair in the inkwell\' for you.

Your overt disdain and hostility for women has obviously surpassed
any attempts at self-restraint. Thoughts, words, deeds?
Just HOW \'out of control\' are you wah loco? How many women
have you physically assaulted today? How many have you raped?


: \"uses said Forum as a springboard to espouse
: personal homophobic and sexist rhetoric (as well as
: racism by selecting an ethnic pseudonym then cleverly
: thrashing it with bigoted stereotypical slogan)\"

: When a man merely mentions the word Homosexual he is homophobic
: according to the Politically Correct crowd.

: When a female uses the word Homosexual she is open-minded.

: When a man utters the word Sex he is sexist according Politically
: Correct practitioners.

: When a female uses the word Sex or engages in sexual humor she is
: liberated.

: When a man identifies another man by the color of his skin he is racist
: according to Politically Correct practitioners.

: When a female identifies ethnic differences she is enlightened.

: Mmmmmmm?

: Su Amigo, Juan Loco
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