Verichip And The Fiction Faction *LINK*

Verichip And The Fiction Faction *LINK*
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008 06:02 pm

Verichip And The Fiction Faction

Verichip implant

And Now – The Fiction Faction

After wading through last week\'s Earth Change Report, Skip writes: “\'s very hard to separate fact from fiction in this day and age.

\"Television alone boggles our minds and I think to myself that Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks and all other great civilizations probably would not have been able to do what they did if they had television. As it was, they had plenty of time to think and do.

“Here is something from left field that could ... serve as a reason why most people find it hard to fathom predicted events while we\'re busy trying to kill one another. After all, killing one another is one of our favorite things to do. How on earth can trying to save ourselves be any more important?”

What Skip is referring to is the fact that as we attempt to make sense of the world around us, we are faced with innumerable distractions – many of which were planned and subtly put in place before we were born. So we\'ve grown up believing things to be true when they have often been a carefully crafted fiction.

Now, thanks to the Internet, the fiction faction is being revealed for what it is. It is the group known by many names, among them the \"Illuminati\" and they are the promoters of \"One World Order\" - and the Verichip, which is the latest population control device.

If you want it, take it. Be a good little citizen.

For myself, having ear-tagged more sheep than I care to count in my time, I understand the \'logic\' behind their game plan. If you tag things, you can keep track of them from birth to death – use them for what they can produce until they become unproductive, then write them off.

Fortunately, the fiction faction as I choose to call them this week, are running out of time.
solar flare
Nature is bearing down on all of us – not just them – with things like solar storms that will disrupt all our high-tech toys, including electronic chip readers that access everything about you just by being passed over your arm.

Furthermore, if you\'re familiar with the unseen hand behind bodies such as the World Trade Organization,and then you read this week\'s Der Spiegel piece on the latest breakdown in WTO trade talks, you\'ll realize that these \'controllers\' are losing it.

Der Spiegel writes: “The idea was to create a unified trade regime for the entire globe. But with WTO talks failing last week, the future of trade looks much more fragmented. Myriad bilateral agreements are on the horizon -- and bitter trade wars are likely.”

That may be so, although I\'m not sure how you would define a “trade war” in a world where the haves have spent generations exploiting the have-nots, who thanks to outsourcing now have enough expertise to go their own way.

You can be sure they\'ll form their own trading blocs using their own choice of currencies while back here in the mighty Western world, we\'ll be pulling out our sewing machines (treadle operated) and knitting needles to (god forbid) mend the sort of garments we used to buy from their sweat shops and then throw in the trash. But maybe that\'s just karma?

In my new eBook “Earth Changes – Mind Matters” James Gilliland mentions a Native American prophecy about a beast that would eventually destroy itself – around this point in time no less.

I got to thinking about that, since I\'m also familiar with what some call “the mark of the beast” (a reference to something in the Bible\'s Book of Revelations which some tie in to the Verichip project) as being a sign of the “end times.”

I\'ve also been looking into the Mayan predictions of 2012 being the “big moment” because that is one of the subjects I\'ve been asked about and am dealing with in my next eBook (it takes a while to answer almost 200 questions, but it\'ll be out soon).

You may be familiar with the quotation \"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way\" by past US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

I\'ll tie these apparent ramblings together in a minute, but for the moment, just bear with me.

Now let\'s act like a frog in a big pond and hop on to the housing market lily pad.

In the US “Housing prices will fall more than 30 percent before the market recovers and banks will continue their reluctance to lend until the credit crisis clears up.”

In Britain “Average UK house prices fell by 1.7 per cent in July. This took the decline over the past year to 11 per cent. House prices are falling at their fastest rate since 1992.”

In Spain “... expect Spanish home prices to drop by up to 30 percent in coming years. This is partly because of a glut of up to 1.5 million unsold homes after years of overbuilding...”

South Africa: “The rand dropped to the lowest level in more than seven days against the U.S. currency after house prices grew at the slowest pace in almost nine years...”

Most of these snippets have come out in the past 24 hours – so this is not old news. But there\'s nothing really new about it either, because all this has happened before.

In fact, there are smarter people than me who run graphs on this stuff and can tell you they saw it coming because it was similar to the pre-Depression bell curve or something like that.

Now let\'s tie it all together.

What is the common denominator driving these cycles of boom and bust, inflation and deflation, expansion and Depression?

Would your first answer be “money.”?

According to most economists and pundits, that\'s an excellent and obvious answer. It\'s either too much money or not enough money that causes it all.

The reason they say that (and perhaps the reason you might agree with them) is that they have forgotten the first rules of investigative activity.

* “Take note of the evidence.”

* “Follow the money.”

* “Find who has a motive.”

* “Who benefits?”

* “Shuffle the puzzle pieces.”

* “Make a case.”

* “Take it to court.”

* “Let the jury decide.”

That\'s pretty idealistic I\'ll admit, specially since I\'ve been in the dock as a prosecution witness and felt the hot breath of a twisted defense attorney just making up lies...but that\'s another story.

We\'ll leave aside the fact that no-one can actually define what money is, and the fact that it has been reduced to keystrokes on a computer, imaginary vaults in cyberspace, and plastic cards that act like a conveyor belt to carry your future income sight unseen to one of those imaginary vaults.

Instead, let\'s just follow the money – and we find it is (for want of a better definition) no more than an instrument of power. Not an instrument of exchange – an instrument of power.

Those who have it, call the shots. That\'s why you have to work for your allowance as a kid, or go without whatever it was you wanted if you didn\'t perform.
So the money trail – to keep this shorter than it might be – goes right back to those who have the ultimate power and that is the original successful bankers and their cohorts - the very people who promulgate the New World Order agenda.

They have wielded enough power behind the scenes to install governments and create empires (or destroy them). And they have also created the cycles of boom and bust.

In other words, to paraphrase President Roosevelt, in the world of economics, which transcends politics because it is the power behind politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

But this time, the evidence suggests that they\'re coming unglued.

It would seem, if you read between the lines, that the banking families, the aristocracy of the 21st century, are at war between and among themselves. It\'s a trans-Atlantic war to be sure, yet it\'s not a traditional battlefield war by any means. Instead, it\'s a war in the sense that a chess game is a war between adversaries, each of whom desires the surrender of his opponent and the winner takes all.

Those who own the banks literally do control the world\'s finances. Yet despite their great power, they are also human enough to argue among themselves – and I would say crippled enough emotionally to never be satisfied until “there is only one.”

That\'s my take on why major banks are going under. There\'s a dispute going on; their past arrangements and partnerships are not working out as expected; maybe they just hate power sharing; or perhaps they\'ve been using each other just as they\'ve been using the rest of us – and now the beast is turning in on itself, consuming itself, destroying itself.

Now while we\'re out in left field, let\'s also add that this situation means that earth changes are a really good thing.

A solar storm that destroys computer circuitry will destroy access to all those records of all those numbered citizens in every country.

Transmitters will cease to work.

Microwave towers will no longer be “non lethal weapons” that irradiate us through our cell phones or if we live in close proximity (Secret Report to UK Police).
HAARP complex
Even larger “non lethal weapons” such as HAARP – and its counterparts owned and operated by other countries – will no longer be able to blast the ionosphere and bounce disruptive frequencies into the brains of millions in cities around the globe (Cell phone brain damage).

The cells of our bodies will gradually return to full function rather than having their membranes disrupted by a 17.5Hz signal from a TETRA device (as used by British police). Men\'s gonads won\'t be sterilized by cell phones in a waist pouch.

Cancers will decline and perhaps even disappear as cells regain the ability to eliminate toxins. Immune systems will once again manufacture and send out their antibodies at the first sign of danger rather than being in an induced coma – induced by \'non lethal weapons\' that are all around us.

And best of all, the freaking TV won\'t switch on:-) We\'ll be spared the nightly rants by political stenographers (aka \'journalists\' and talk show hosts), and the spin from the Out House or the Beehive or the Kremlin.

Like Skip, we\'ll be able to think and do.


About the author: Michael Knight has been a writer/journalist since 1960. He is editor of “Earth Change Report,” author of the eBook “Earth Changes – Mind Matters,” and Director of the documentary “Contact Has Begun.”



An article like that can make you wonder “how will I survive if Nature really does go crazy?”

Well, you can choose to ignore it – or “think and do.”

That\'s why I wrote my eBook, “Earth Changes - Mind Matters” - because I had to come to grips with these things myself and I felt that I could help others do the same.

Laying all the puzzle pieces out on paper (so to speak) made the view – and the choices - a lot clearer.

So if you\'re looking for a proven way to really understand the range of earth changes that are upon us in the next few years, and you want to figure out how to effectively create your own personal destiny, all that is covered in my new eBook “Earth Changes- Mind Matters.”

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So what\'s in it for you? Perhaps everything you need to know about “Earth Changes – Mind Matters.”


Michael Knight.