Velikovsky Restorationists versus The Orwellians

Velikovsky Restorationists versus The Orwellians
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Willy McThrobber
Thursday, April 13, 2006 09:33 pm

Immanuel Velikovsky\'s famous, Worlds In Collision, resulted from his early 20th century puzzlement of revised history and permanently missing works of antiquity. Many researchers have found not just the mentioned periods as having difficulty, but other periods too. Velikovsky, I think, did a fair job of reconciling history in his other books as well. And much of the older manuscripts and documents and reference works have mysteriously disapperared from the world\'s public libraries, presumably into private libraries.

The history revisionists, in my estimation, are not the Velikovskys and Zundels of the world, for The Magian revisionists are seen tampering with history since about the 12th century AD. Velikovsky, Zundel, Livingstone, are what I see as History Restorationists. Genuine history is making a comeback, but it is fraught with dangers for true history pierces Reality Control and the Ministry of Truth Orwellians don\'t want the peons divorced from their conditioning achieved through propaganda. The six o\'clock news shapes reality for the majority of Westerners, but the internet is a fierce competitor for men\'s minds in this regard.

Very long, but a good read.

: 1. Introduction

: Ancient History as taught today is a disaster area. Nothing fits
: convincingly together. The development of the arts, cultures and
: technologies from earliest times shows inexplicable incongruities.
: Art historians and archaeologists are in disarray. Why? Because the
: chronology of the first and second millennium BC is badly wrong. How
: did this disaster happen? As accident investigators well know, the
: sequence of events leading up to major disasters is invariably a
: sequence of highly unlikely and unexpected happenings and
: coincidences. These conspire, often in chances of many millions to
: one against, to cause the disaster. Ancient historian revisionists
: believe the real disaster for ancient history is the conventional
: chronology of ancient Egypt, referred to as the CC throughout the
: rest of this paper. This has been assumed correct, and used directly
: or indirectly to date nearly all the other early civilisations
: throughout Europe and the Near East. Such is the measure of control
: exerted by today\'s academic establishment that they would not
: tolerate a revisionist movement from within. So interested outsiders,
: including some brilliant scholars and innovative thinkers, who call
: themselves ancient history revisionists, are having to act as the
: accident investigators for this disaster. They are investigating all
: the relevant evidence, with painstaking thoroughness, to discover and
: expose all the events and unlucky coincidences that led to the
: adoption of the CC.

: More at link....much more.