"Conversation With A Starship Captain?" (more about "Anonymous")

"Conversation With A Starship Captain?" (more about "Anonymous")
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Cosmic Observer
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 04:54 am

From RMN 1-9-12… “It is Go Time Here”

by kauilapele

Thanks to Verna for sending this link. According to this post (which I cannot validate in any way, shape, or form), the \"Anonymous\" in this message is the same \"being\" that spoke with David Wilcock after his threat.

Please let us hold this in the Highest Light you can even imagine!

So, here is this message.



Allendale to Tots ~ ‘It is Go Time Here’ 1/9/12

(Anonymous Channelings from Lightworker Refugee Camp)

I think this is the same GFL guy that spoke with Wilcock a week or so back when he had the death threat. Mr.Ed


[Hi Allendale] Hello Tots and how have you been? [A little tired today but over all, very good thanks. [How are you Al?] Well Lass, it is go time here. The decision has been made to align with Creator and God and place ourselves very close to your beautiful planet.

For now, know that our experience with the cabal has allowed the white hats a decisive victory of global proportions. This is our time to shine, Tots and mind ya we plan to do just that. The clock is ticking on the cabal and they are running like scared insects.

Get ready Lass for a very big announcement by David Wilcock. He is now ready to detail his great knowledge to the masses. Hobad is assisting his High Self beautifully. Spike is on call and Aninadzija is light in galactic form. The tribe is ready. We are ready and the Creator is ready. Get your rest, Tots. It is going to be a very interesting week. Allendale out.


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