Vatic Project - Daily Summary ... July 14, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary ... July 14, 2010
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Thursday, July 15, 2010 06:45 pm


I just read somewhere that the United States is the most hated nation on the planet.  Well, I decided to comment on here right now.  IT WAS PLANNED THAT WAY and intended, so that the world would do to US like we did to Hitler and gang up on the designated loser country, so unless we do something to change the satanic ways of those occupying our nation as a foreign occupying enemy, then the world will do it for us and that is how its been planned with us losing like Hitler was scheduled to lose as well.   Only we, THE PEOPLE,  can rewrite that script. 
Vatic Project - Daily Summary ... July 14, 2010
I. Blog: The Vatic Project
Post: Eugenics Propaganda: Circumcision may be the answer to Aids, says Clinton
Vatic Note: You are not going to believe this one. The chief promoter of depopulation and Eugenics funder, Bill Gates and his wife, probably knows about the aids virus as a bioweapon \"for political\" purposes, as they accompany the other sell out, Clinton,  to try and sell circumcision to the GLOBE beginning with third world countries. Do you get the \"message\" with that one?  Do you understand the implications of that?  Who is running the globe and how are you branded????  Yup, its the old pull your pants down. 

Remember, Rothschild and his battle arm, Israel (Sabbatean Zionists) say they are going to rule the world and the cattle goyim and this is a step in that direction, once again, without firing a shot. They are going to get us to cooperate with slowly enmeshing ourselves into the sabbatean culture just like they tried to get us to do with the illegals.

Add this proof of their success in mind controlling us by watching that video of Christian Fundamentalists \"Worshipping the Golden Calf\" (A Biblical Pagan God) outside of Wall Street enmass,  \"Praying\" to a Golden Calf and the process of inculcation has already begun and is working.  The Fundamentalist Christians are going to be in trouble with God, since they were dancing and praying to the golden calf on Wall Street praying for wealth. The Young Turk was having apoplexy over that one. lol  I bet the Satanists were laughing all the way to the bank on that one.   Its still such gall to do this to these third world countries since we created the virus in the first place and now we know why and what it was for, and then to take such advantage of these people who are not sophisticated enough to understand the dangers of sicko psychopaths.   Amazing.

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IIPost: ADL SAYS: Report: Rage Grows In America Conspiracy Theories ( they mean \"corruption\") Fuel Anti-Government Fervor 
Vatic Note: Our vatic notes this time are contained in the body of this \"ADL\" propoganda piece.  Check it out.  They are at it again.... damn they just can\'t get us to fight each other like they can in afghanistan,  pakistan, and Iraq.   Well, too bad, no martial law buddies, but hey, we got your number now.
These below come with a warning:  These are conspiracy theories put out by the ADL to stir up more hate and fear, their usual tools for getting others to act inhumane like they do, don\'t fall for it, STAY UNITED, mossad is in this organization and even the FBI said so, I have the quote)

Please read these as you read their propoganda since these are the things they say are just tin foil hat conspiracy theories.  I thought I would do their work for them and prove that wrong, LOL .  Thus you will see how blatant it is becoming or how ignorant they are about how much we now know about them.  We not only know their agenda, we know ADL and SPLC\'S role in all of it. Hows that for transparency and blowing all those years of press manipulation that is totally impotent now.  Serves ya right.

FEMA Concentration Camps In North America
New York National Guard Terrorizing American Citizens
Government Pushing Spy Boxes In Every Car  (remember they use britian first and then it comes to the US
Government Claims Unlimited Right To Cell Phone Tracking
How many Americans are targeted for assassination  (targeted by ADL? apparently so from this article)

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III.  Post:  Philip Morris Is Said to Benefit From Child Labor (slave labor, too chicken to say it)
Vatic Note:  Doing this blog has exposed us to the depth and perversion that the human condition is able to acheive and its always a surprise to those of us outside the realm of the satanic. I think that is part of what appears to be our apathy. Its really shock. It takes a while to respond to infomation like this when its so blatant. Can you imagine? Doing this to children is beyond comprehension no matter what country or whose children it is. Its the innocence of them that breaks your heart to see. What is even worse, is even if you rescue them from this certain death, they can never be recovered, the innocence is gone. That is THE CRIME.  There is a God, we call on him to stop all this or help us do it.
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IV.  Post:  Israeli Now Taps All US telephones, faxes
Vatic Note:   Oh, now lets see,  the \"Golden Calf\" from the 10th Protocol of Rothschilds,  the Circumcision of the globes males PROMOTED BY GATES AND CLINTON,  (what a duo, A great example of the kinds of nut jobs that will be running the NWO, OH MY GAWD!!! can you even imagine?LOL) and now this.    Who is running the globe already??? 
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