Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 10, 2011

Vatic Project - Daily Summary- January 10, 2011
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011 06:24 pm
Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Jan 10, 2011

I.     Post:       Tens of thousands march in Spain\'s Basque region
This is in keeping with the Vatic Projects commitment to cover other countries and their people who share the same repression and theiving by the internationalist khazar bankers as us. What is the USA doing killing basque people in Spain??? What is the EU doing killing people in Spain? Is this an example of our new Fascist world order??? No thanks. Really, I am beginning to see that behind all the regional unions like the EU and behind the USA, and other countries is always the Central Privately owned banks by Rothschild and Rockefeller including Jay. Don\'t let that dem label fool you. He is about as West Virginia as the Queen of England is. NOT. Anyway pray for the Basque people in Spain. They have had a hard road for a very very long time.

II.                Why Not Gun Control for the GOVERNMENT
 Now you can see why the mind control Jerrod was sent to shoot the congresswoman. So what was the immediate response???  INTERNET FREE SPEECH to go and GUN CONTROL. Now you KNOW WHY THEY DID THE MIND CONTROL ASSASSIN.   It didn\'t take but a day for that to show up in the press owned by the bankers. They simply cannot complete their agenda with out it. Remember, before Hitler could take complete control of Germany he had to have the guns registered and that is what he did. Then when he was ready to take complete control he went after every single registered gun and if the people tried to say they lost it or no longer had it, they took them out into the streets and shot them as a message to the rest to turn over their guns. And you know what happened after that, as the JPFO, That is the \"Jewish Preservation of Firearms Org\", can tell you fully. Its why they are against gun control, but then they are real Jews, aren\'t they and they know full well what the satanic Khazars are capable of doing. Here is the nazi law that is the basis of the Creation of the American BATF.   SO, GUN CONTROL FOR THE GOVERNMENT AND NONE FOR THE PEOPLE......      

III.              Cities, States to default soon? A Felony Fraud on the Taxpayer!

    The reason I have put this up now, is because of all the fear mongering spreading around about an eminent COLLAPSE of our governments both local and state.  Add to that California\'s threat of bancruptcy when their southern california financials indicate a 4 billion dollar unrestricted liquid assets on their financials that are not included in their budget, which means they are carrying two sets of books, and thus the funds are in fact available to prevent the bankcruptcy, and that did not include Northern California. Well, that is the case with every municipality, both local and state.   So CHECK OUT YOUR TOWN, COUNTY AND STATE BEFORE BUYING INTO THIS GIANT OF ALL SCAMS.  This video explains in full detail how this all works and how the various states have two sets of books, one set for the tax payer called a \"BUDGET\" and another set for the state and feds called a CAFR report, which is a consolidated Annual Financial Report. In the latter is where all the cash is stashed and the wall street brokerage firms make millions off the management and investment of these accounts nationwide for all the governmental agencies. New Jersey alone has trillions and they are not near as big as NY and California.  STOP ANY BANCRUPTCY IN ANY STATE WITH THIS INFORMATION.   Remember,  UNITED, WE ARE POWERFUL

    IV.               At Least 10 States have Introduced Gold Coins-As-Currency bills
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    What?  Someone elected to public office is taking a leadership stand on issues of great import???  Oh, knock me over with a feather.   Well, this is absolutely great.  I notice that my state is in there as one of those working toward doing that and I am estatic about it.   Historically, whenever the country has controlled its own currency AND CREDIT, the country has always had much longer and better periods of prosperity than when central banks have run it.  So this is a step in the right direction.  I noticed in Germany they are doing the same thing and going back to their Marks instead of the Euro for their currency.  So the move is on and we may just prevail after all.   Keep up the good work and now we have to conjure up other creative ideas for overcoming and undoing all the damage that has been done to date.  Quite a job ahead but exciting since we get to make into what we want it to be.  Lets all make sure our states listed pass and impliment this idea for our currency. 

    NOTE:    REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.  (scroll down to the third video, you won\'t be sorry)
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