Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 31, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 31, 2010
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Friday, December 31, 2010 05:43 pm

It appears the girl at the radio station that does the archives is off for this holiday, so our interview won\'t be going up until monday when she returns,  so I will get the link out to you who have asked for it as soon as I receive it.  Thanks for asking.
VATIC PROJECT WISHES ALL A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!!  HERE IS OUR PREDICTION FOR 2011.   \"THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST YEAR IN THE HISTORY OF THE PLANET\".  All will be exposed, and 9-11 will be adjudicated and once it is, their entire network of police state actions, banking frauds and grand left larceny, market manipulations, etc, will crumble since its all built on 9-11.  Heads will roll, whistle blowers will come out of the woodwork and Americans will be free once again or maybe even for the first time ever.  (see message at end of blog)

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Dec 31, 2010

I.  Post:    SPECIAL REPORT. Bush administration officials \"in on\" 9/11 planning.
Vatic Note:  There usually is very little that has to be said on a Wayne Madsen report.  As usual he finds out more than just about anybody.  I wonder how he keeps alive.  

Article Excerpt:   In April 2000, a year-and-a half before the 9/11 attack, General Eric Shinseki, the Army Chief of Staff who is currently President Obama\'s Secretary of Veterans Affairs, ordered armed agents into the offices of the joint Defense Department open-source intelligence gathering and data mining operation code-named Able Danger. An affiliated data mining program was code-named Dorhawk Galley. There were a number of other data mining programs, assigned various code names like Sensor Harvest, Retract Barley, IMPACTS, and Topsail, that helped provide pieces to the planned 9/11 plot.

Able Danger\'s data at the U.S. Army\'s Land Information Warfare Activity (LIWA) at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, was confiscated on the orders of Shinseki. It included information, including the travel and financial details for the so-called \"Al Qaeda\" cell headed by accused 9/11 lead hijacker Mohammed Atta, as well as financial funding sources for those who would later be accused of carrying out the hijackings of four passenger aircraft on 9/11. The financial data linked the embryonic 9/11 plot to financiers in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Able Danger involved the Army, Defense Intelligence Agency, Navy, and some elements of the CIA.

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IIPost:  Feds sue BP, other companies for oil spill damages
Article Excerpt   A powerful plaintiff has joined the hundreds of people and businesses suing BP and other companies involved in the Gulf oil spill: the Justice Department.   The government, in an opening salvo in its effort to get billions of dollars for untold economic and environmental damage, accuses the companies of disregarding federal safety regulations in drilling the well that blew out April 20 and triggered a deadly explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig. Wednesday\'s lawsuit is separate from a Justice Department criminal probe that has not resulted in any charges.

\"The department\'s focus on investigating this disaster and preventing future (spills) is not over\", Attorney General Eric Holder said during a news conference in Washington. \"Both our civil and criminal investigations are ongoing.\"  The federal lawsuit filed in New Orleans names BP, rig owner Transocean and some other companies involved in the ill-fated drilling project, but not Halliburton — the project\'s cement contractor — or the maker of a key cutoff valve that failed. Both could be added later.

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III.    Post:  John Lennon, Dorothy Day and Christmas 2010 in the UK 
Article Excerpt:  \"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we\'re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends...I believe that as soon as people want peace in the world they can have it. The only trouble is they are not aware they can get it. ..All I want is the truth. Just gimme some truth. I\'ve had enough of reading things by neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians. All I want is the truth. Just gimme some truth.\" - John Lennon, 1971.

In Ray Coleman\'s biography of John Lennon, he quotes the artist circa 1969, \"I\'d like to be like Christ, [he described himself as a Christian communist] in a pure sense, not in the way Russia or Italy think of Christianity or communism...Every body\'s uptight [fearful] and they\'re always building these walls around themselves. All you can do is try to break down the walls and show them that there\'s nothing there but people. I only know that peace can exist, and the first thing is for the world to disarm. I think I\'ll win because I believe in what Jesus said.\" [1]

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IV.  Post:  Bishop Williamson on Orwells 1984 and 911, part 2
Vatic Note:   Its nice to know that even in the heart of the perverbial Black Popes ranks, a Bishop still has the courage to speak truth, which the Bible and revelations reminds us is more important at this time than at any time in the past. Truth is always important but now its critical.  So enjoy another courageous soul\'s journey into spreading the light.  Watch the video, its worth it. 
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Its the first tomorrow and a holiday on Monday, so we are extending our fund raiser since we have not met our goal yet, but we are close, so if you can spare extra this month to help us meet our goals we would truly appreciate it, if you cannot, please do not feel bad, we appreciate your reading our research and passing it on to others and we thank you for it.   The DONATION button can be found on the blog off to the right.  Thank you once again for your support and helping us grow this year.   March 12th will be our 1 year anniversary, so we look forward to celebrating it with you on that day.  

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