Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 29, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 29, 2010
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010 05:52 pm

Tomorrow morning at 8 am mountain time,  10 eastern,  Vatic Master will be interviewed for one hour and then a second hour for live callins for questions.   It can be heard on the net at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] or on radio on the east coast.  The radio station is in maine. We hope you will tune in and check it out. 
VATIC PROJECT WISHES ALL A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!!  Thank you to those who have contributed so far, we deeply appreciate it, and to those who cannot afford it,  we understand and hope you will simply pass on the information we provide daily.  That is a big help in spreading the word since this is an information war and we are at least holding our own.  We are still short our goal for meeting this months expenses,  so IF you can afford to help out we would deeply appreciate it.  Please use the DONATION button on the right of the blog.   We are still asking for input on these dailys to see whether morning is preferred or if weekly is preferred,  so please continue to send in your preferance and we hopefully will have an answer for everyone by the first of the year.  If we go weekly, then we can cut down on expenses and that is why we are putting it out there as an option.  Thanks again all for your support to our efforts.   
Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Dec 29, 2010

I.  Post:    The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave
Vatic Note:  After our Christmas Special, we felt this was an appropriate blog to put up since it is now clear WHY the dark forces do this.  Adults are pretty set when older and if they have some of the preconditions listed below then they can be mind controlled, however, to be perfectly sure they start off with children who are not set yet.    The adults are the difficult ones.  I firmly believe the drugging of our military men as we read about on here,  was for this purpose, and for those it did not work on, I believe they were the ones \"SUICIDED\" but that is just a personal opinion that is simply mine, although based on many factors we have covered here.  If you read this, then Obama makes much more sense.   It deprives the human victim of his power.   Its an essential ingredient for the \"dark\" side to retain the victim in this three dimensional reality that he has no power to change and thus protecting the dark satanic forces themselves, from the \"light\", which is death to these satanic forces.  Don\'t forget the man who spent a lifetime studying this and writing this up was murdered. Fritz Springmeier

I believe the Christmas special was appropriate for seeing what this was all about.  Your children are in danger and if they succeed in this on the mass scale they intend through eugenics, depopulation and DNA mutations,  the human race itself as we know it is in danger.  Notice below in the Table of Contents further down the use of drugs on children??? Then we now know how important that is in damaging him young so his/her spirit and consciousness cannot evolve above the animal state.  There is mass drugging in the schools if a child shows even the slightest bit of individualtiy.  That is why reading all this is important for your children and grandchildren and to pay attention to what they are doing to him/her in that class room. REMEMBER THE OATH KEEPER WHOSE 16 HOUR OLD BABY WAS RAPED WHILE IN CHILD SERVICES CARE, SO WE CAN TRUST NO ONE IN AUTHORITY ANYMORE, ESPECIALLY KHAZAR SATANIC BANKERS who are the ones running our government and industries. So they are the ones to focus on at this point. 

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IIPost:  White House Gives Go-ahead For Elitists to Control DNA
Vatic Note   This is extremely dangerous to mankind or humanity if you will.  Remember we just put up a blog the other day Called the dark sciences, and it discusses the occult and how science now is beginning  to do things that were death penalty offenses in the past.  Watch the 2 occult videos and see why we should not trust these people to do anything to our very structure as humans.   Does Dr. Mengeles ring a bell??   If you watched the videos/article specials on Christmas day and even Christmas eve at 5 pm, you would understand the full implications of this article below.  Why do they put so much into doing this?   Our power against the forces of darkness resides in our DNA and that is evident seeing the time, wealth, and effort these elitest are putting into, not only harvesting the DNA,  but changing it.   We already have 3 to 10 strands that are not connected (who knows what we could do with those connected),  we do not need to lose or change anymore of it or we will change who we are which can be debilitating and create an endangered humanity as a species.  Remember, also, that these robber barons have invested Millions if not billions into eugenics and they did not do that for no reason. 

Given the lack of trust we have in all our institutions, there is no way we can see any \"good\" coming out of it or they would deal with it up front.  This is one issue that needs to be fought viciously and vehemently, no matter what.  If you did not avail yourself of the Christmas special we put up we highly recommend that you do.  Its that important.  We intend to post more for New Years Day as well to finish the series special. Then come back after spending the time necessary and reread this and see what we mean and decide for yourself, but remember, somethings, if not stopped can never be recovered or reclaimed and this is one of them.   If nothing else, what you decide will affect your children.  That  alone should motivate us.  

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III.    Post:   Mr. Kissinger, Have you No Shame?
Vatic Note :  This article needs no commentary from me, however, I do want to make one very important clarification before we go down this rabbit hole, since its a deep one.  Kissinger is not Jewish, he is a Khazar and that is why he had no problem saying what he said.   The khazars are a mix of mongolian and huns and they were chased out of mongolia and into eastern Europe near Russia, to a country called Khazaria (which is now Georgia and other small countries nearby) and that was back in the early first century.   I believe they were referenced in the Bible as the Synogogue of Satan in the New Testament in reference to their pretending to be Jewish.  The Khazars hate Christians, muslims and Semitic Jews and have said so publically printed in various newspapers and have done so over time, in fact they refer to us as CATTLE.  I felt this article needed to have that clarification made up front.  They were assassins in their day and used by many countries to perform that function.  Now, on with the article.  Its very good, one of the best in depth and accuracy I have read in a long time on this subject. 
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IV.  Post:  Israeli Ambassador suddenly leaves Cairo
Article Excerpt:  BREAKING NEWS - EGYPT
Israeli Ambassador to Egypt - Yitzhak Levanon 

The country\'s state security apparatus is currently investigating the case and interviewing the suspects. Members of the network have created two connected telephones centers in London and Cairo, through which they listened in on phone conversations of high-ranking officials in the Egyptian government, transferring the calls to a third office in Tel Aviv.

Mobinil, Egypt\'s leading mobile operator, has denied that one of its employees was involved with the network. 

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