Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 28, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 28, 2010
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010 06:44 pm


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Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Dec 28, 2010

I.  Post:   Zecharia Sitchin, Anunnaki and Planet X Nibiru - 2 parts
Vatic Note: Lots going on now, so digging into deep research as done by Zeharia has now become important.   Please take what you can from it and make up your own mind.   Both mythology, archeology, and scientific breakthroughs have changed much in how we see ourselves relative to the universe.   Gathering and analyzing information is the only thing anymore that we can count on, so please do so, as we are on our own.   This man has spent decades studying these archeological remnants of advanced societies that predate those we originally thought were the first in advanced societies.  

I wonder sometimes, what was really in the library of Alexandra that was destroyed.   It would have been interesting to find out what was documented and recorded in there.   By the way there is very little difference between what is written in the Bible and what is found in acheological digs.  Summarian writings come to mind.   I often wonder what artifacts that were stolen out of Iraq by the bankers and some of the higher up military.  Nothing taken was recorded as having been taken or what they took.  There is no record, only a record of the fact that artifacts were taken from their museum since that act was recorded by video and we in the alternative news community  have downloaded that act of theft.  .  (Read more, click on link below)

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IIPost: Moon Rising: NASA lied about everything!
Vatic Note:   Keep in mind that Bill Cooper and many others were top secret and worked at facilities that dealt with the fact that there were aliens.  Also keep in mind they were killed by our government.  Also remember that Bill told us and the Iron Mtn Report confirms that the powers that be intend to use an bogus false flag alien invasion to globalize us.   Those ships that will appear are ours that we now know are anti-gravity ships and they probably will land some genetic mutant they created and call it alien.   We have already read about that on this blog. 
Article Excerpt  Direct translate from Dutch: In 1994 there were 1.8 million pictures of the moon during the ‘Clementine mission.Several variations were shot, including full color photos. On the cover of the DVD is one of the hundreds of pictures that you see presented in the film. This is the first time in human history that the full moon in its natural color is revealed.

Leaving aside whether we have been to the moon or not … We have no doubt landed.This film is about what awaited us when we arrived and the lies that have been put in motion for what was, to conceal.  The researchers in this movie are speaking, tell us about the facts that more than forty years before were hidden. These facts will surprise and shock at the same time. You’ll ask yourself why these lies so long been presented to us.   The answers to these questions show that we are not treated as equals by those who pull the strings in this “greatest discovery ever denied.   Hiding the evidence that civilization may have been on the moon, or even more incredible, the possibility that they are still there, does raise questions about why we do that are kept in the dark.  

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III.    Post:  Brotherhood of the Bell: Black Arts & Black Sciences
Vatic Note :  

The majority of people worldwide do not know what the terms Black Operations and Black Sciences mean or how they are used. Black Operations were developed after World War I; but, really flourished after World War II during the Cold War. Congress allocated money to the Pentagon, the CIA and other Defense Department sectors to make the United States military as strong as possible, but certain projects became more secret than others did. The more secret projects were funded by the civilian sector at first - such as \"pet peeve\" defense contractors already in the loop.

As time went on, the \"privy\" developed into a real clique of not only specially screened corporations but also choice individuals found by federal talent hunts. A new sub-culture was born with a new personality and belief system - separate from mainstream Americans.

Cutting-edge technology such as stealth aircraft, invisible hovercraft, extremely low frequency mind control, weather control, and cloning became secret sciences. The new knowledge was and still is not available to the regular Army, to Congress, or to any University. The most secret of the secret was in the hands of a power-hungry few that tied itself to the World Bank for the future funding of its projects. They developed \"think tanks\" - like Stanford and Tavistock - to keep the masses fooled about everything.

[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]The deception grew like a cancer into every area of industrialized society. They moved into everything from the Mafia to Harvard University to International Banking. They learned how to control the media and, thus, they controlled the television, Hollywood, every newspaper, every educational institution and every person\'s mind - at least to a certain point.

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IV.  Post:   Theta & Psychic Assassination
Vatic Note :  This is fascinating and given the level of high technology that we are not told about, it would not surprise me this is the case.  Please read and use your own judgement on this, but keep in mind what we DO know and also at the end of this is a list of those who exposed much that has helped us today that were killed either by the government or a foreign power to shut them up.  You will recognize the names easily.  I just didn\'t realize until we did this blog,  just how many good honest men we have lost.  They are heros and should be given the medal of freedom instead of the molech satanist Geore HW Bush.  What an insult it was to have these great men below forgotten and ignored why the cream of the lizard crop was given the highest civilian honor for his mafia work, assassinations, drug running, nation destroying, and sexual perversions at the same time.   WE have come a long way down haven\'t we?  Remember, NEVER vote for another Bush again.   (Read more)
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