Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 26, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 26, 2010
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Monday, December 27, 2010 01:55 pm
We at Vatic Project hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.  After viewing our 12/25 offerings, we are sure that if we follow the first strategy, its a guarantee you will have a fabulous New Year.  ITS THAT TIME AGAIN.   We are asking for donations for this \"READER SUPPORTED\" blog for our first of the months expenses,  $175 is what we are trying to raise this period.  We are considering going for a $5 per mo subscription but we want to make it voluntary, so please sign up for a monthly auto donation and that will help us tremendously to meet our expenses each month.   We are growing and need to hire help and expand to a bigger website, so if you can do the subscription to allow us to serve you even better, than please consider it.  Otherwise, we still need the help with this months expenses, so anything you can donate please do it on our blog off to the right or mail it to the address provided by the donation button.  Thank you for helping make this a successful venture in 2010.  I honestly believe we are powerful and we are going to prevail.  Crazy I know, but after you read this holidays blogs, I suspect you will agree with me. Its why the evil ones are afraid of us and work so hard to take that power away.  . 
Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Dec 26, 2010

I.  Post:    FEMA Camp Robots 2012 NWO Riot Control Machines New World Order
Vatic Note:  Is this going to be the above ground army of the underground shadow government when we move into the period of earth upheavel being predicted? The shadow gov has no protection above ground to keep the \"Cattle\" from trying to break in and take control, or for repressing the civilian population since most military will not fire on unarmed Americans, but these robots don\'t care. They don\'t really need them, just send it the satanists khazars, since they are no different, but then they are cowards aren\'t they?  That is why  they use deception, unable to find any courage to fight in a fair fight. They are Robotic in their humanity, which is non existant. Of course then they would not be underground and saved, thus I suppose they really do need them. This continues to support the idea that there is coming an earth upheavel soon whether man made or natural..
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IIPost:  Mobile Prison Guard Towers Coming to a Walmart near You! Unbelievable.
Vatic Note   Does anyone remember when they put a tower like that up in Harlem in New York, quite a few years ago???  It was during the Bush administration.  Do you not find it interesting how the agenda keeps moving forward regardless of who is in office or what party???  Everytime something like this happens I think about that.   Its our shadow government running everything that we DID NOT ELECT to do so.  However, they get to use our taxes against us.  Now how perverse is that????  Take our money, pay themselves and then impliment policies that are repressive and against us and then force us to pay for it.   Perversion of the highest order.   I suspect these towers are for when we get rowdy, huh?   If we get rowdy, towers will not matter.  I can assure you.  But we don\'t have to get rowdy after what we found out this Christmas day on here and if you have forgotten please starting with the 5 pm blog on the nite of 12/24, and all through the 25th be sure and watch and read as the solutions to our problems are in there and scientifically proven valid options for our use.   (Click link below for Rest of  article) 
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III.    Post:  Driving the News Agenda: Jones and Keiser
Vatic Note :  The article asks \"have you noticed the change in the news on the msm\"?   My response is \"yes\", I  have noticed it because friends and neighbors are telling me,  \"You should listen to Glenn Beck, he is saying what you have been saying.\"   I always respond, oh, so you believe me becuase Beck said so???  They go \"no\" and then I ask,  \"The next time I tell you something that fox news or glenn beck doesn\'t know will you believe me then?  They always say \"Well, I don\'t know, depends on what it is.\"  And I then proceed to laugh.  I include Alex and Max in my idea of good sources for some types of news.  I never got  to Alex on the truth about Israel and the Khazars becuase he refuses to touch them.  I get much from other sources as well that are very reliable and have withstood the test of time.   So, that is an advantage at having been doing this for 10 years, experience makes all the difference in the world. 
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IV.  Post:   Strategy 1 (PtP initiative) :Change Our Map of Internal Reality
Article Excerpt:  (Vatic Note:  this blog is a result of our Christmas special that is a must see, as these blogs offer us real powerful solutions that the PTB have tried to prevent us from learning by gutting it each time I tried to put them up.  I spent my entire Christmas fighting them) This strategy requires daily work, and maybe twice a day depending on your commitment to it.  This will not only change our external world ultimately, but will change our personal lives as well.   When you enter into any venture with your whole being, then it becomes critical that \"wholeness\" is grounded in the right energy. 

This piece of strategy and tactics was given to us anonymously and thus I am passing it on to you in the same way.   Please read and implement as a beginning and continue daily while we work on the other strategies and tactics that will be coming down the line.   There is a part II to our internal work which will follow this first part.   I deeply believe, when I read this,  that this is and was the foundation for what lies ahead, it can only happen this way as a beginning \"BY FOCUSING AND BECOMING THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE\". .

Tactic and Practice:  

A peaceful tactic to begin manifesting a new world is to visualize the world we would like to live in....doing this every day for five to fifteen minutes. As many of you are aware, this is a powerful \"action\" to take \"together\". Some suggestions to visualize are:

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