Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 25, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 25, 2010
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Monday, December 27, 2010 01:54 pm
Starting 12/24, we began a special series  running from 5 PM last night the 24th to 5 PM tonight the 25th and that was our Christmas Present to all of our readers.   The Foundation of this series of scientific information was presented from big to little and from cause to effect.  It was about the real potential we have to overcome our problems without resorting to arms which is to be used as a last resort anyway.   The entire body of knowledge put up here was all based on science either physics, biology, archeology or metaphysics who are turning out to be right based on the new discoveries in physics over the last couple of years.  It was indepth and very comprehensive and we began with a retrospection of a prediction done in 2009 about what 2010 Would be lilke and watching it, we realized it all came true.  Every bit of it.  
And we ended our Christmas offering  with a final summary of what it all means and how we can use it to defeat our foreign occupying enemies if we decide to do so.   It requires we follow the scientists as they tell us how.  So, the daily summary tonight will have more blogs, but a lot less commentary from me.  Most commentary are on the blog so you can just follow it.   I tried to put them in the order they need to be followed for the laying of the foundation so you can see how it all plays out at the lowest level from the highest.   I hope you enjoy our Christmas gift, it was a labor of love to all our readers.  Thanks for making the blog such a big success this year.   
This is in order from the big picture down to the smallest which is where we are most powerful acting as a unified force in concert with power in the universe and doing it upon our world and our reality.  Good luck,  WE CAN WIN!!!! 
Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Dec 25, 2010

I.  We started 12/24 with \"2010 Predictions from ..... Beyond (A retrospective view)\"
It gave us a view of what to expect in 2010 and you will see it all came true.  This was published in 2009, EXACTLY ONE YEAR BEFORE.   The rest today shows you what and why it all happened. 
II.  12/25 -   Real Mayan Prediction of 2012 !!!  -  Comprehensive treatment of what to expect from three different perspectives that can be meshed.
III.               Thunderbolts of the Gods - Part 1 of 7 -  This deals with the new physics of Plasma that answers and explains a lot left open by the gravity model. Everything, including humans are affected by this energy.  Ties into our Cells, DNA, quantum, and energy.  
IV.               Lloyd Pye\'s \"Star Child\" Project DNA testing to date on the skull of this child, confirms this skull did not have DNA of any known thing on this planet.  Further studies are being done.  This one carries all kinds of implications as the first Mayan 2012 video indicates by who is coming at that time and is a must watch video.
V.                DNA \'s Mysteries. Does DNA contain our Consciousness?This connected easily to the Star Child project as an explanation for the things we cannot explain
VI.               The Secret Powers Of Our Mind 1/8 (9-16 in next blog) This one has a link to the Heart as a brain which is well worth the read, since its a new discovery.  The heart works off \'energy\', while the brain does not,  so check the videos out and see how they could best be talking about the heart.   i had problems with this one and another one by the PTB, so lets hope its all still working. 
VII.                  The Secret Powers Of Our Mind 9/16 -  These are the 2nd set of videos.  Very convincing argument for our heart brain being unlimited and can expand as far as we work to make it so in creating our own new reality and with 8,000 of us doing it, we can change the world. 
VIII.                 *Quantum Physics* Welcome To The Matrix .   Summary and implications for us as power beings.  What I realized by the time I had put this all together is 1. We are going to be visited by somebody soon,  2.  That we have the ability to create our own reality and thereby aid in creating a new world.  Its because we are unified with the creative energy in the universe that we read and watch about in #3 above.  Our DNA is the connection within us that makes it happen, THAT is why its so viciously under attack by the PTB, there is no other explanation.    So, from the biggest force to the quantum level, its all connected into a \"unified field\".  Fascinating stuff.  Bottom line???? 
    WE CAN WIN !!!!!! 2011 is the year of humans intentionally creating a new world.
Merry Christmas and a very happy and incredible New Year.  We live in exciting times.

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