Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 24, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 24, 2010
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Monday, December 27, 2010 01:54 pm

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Dec 24, 2010

I.  Post:    2010 Predictions from ..... Beyond (A retrospective view)
Vatic Note:  MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM VATIC BLOGGERS TO ALL OUR READERS. THIS IS OUR CHRISTMAS GIFT TO YOU FOR THIS SPECIAL HOLIDAY!    REMEMBER, ALL THESE UP FOR TODAY ARE CONNECTED TO OUR OTHER WORLD WE STRUGGLE WITH EVERY DAY. They are definitely not separate, rather our solutions lie in this realm shown on this first blog video we are covering and that is why I call it VATIC\'S CHRISTMAS GIFT TO OUR READERS. This project is amazing. While we deal every day with the horrors and evil occuring on this planet, magic is going on outside the realm of the political, the satanical, rather its mysteries and magic of the universe are becoming unveiled and seriously reconsidered from all our old ideas of our universe. We have divided this into sections from the \"Big picture\" The universe and its role in our reality to the next which is the Sun and planets, then the earth, water and air, and finally our DNA, consciousness and spirituality down to the quantum level which reflects and is exactly like the Universe, ironically. The biggest to the smallest. It starts tonight with this one plus our regulars we normally do. Tomorrow it will be all these issues. Once done you will be able to see WHY THE DARK SIDE DOES WHAT IT DOES AND WHY,  SINCE THEY HAVE KNOWN THESE THINGS FOR THOUSAND OF YEARS. (THIS IS THE SECOND TIME TODAY THAT THEY MESSED ONLY WITH MY MERRY CHRISTMAS COMMENT, SO REREAD THIS and try to figure out what they are afraid of that was in here.  I have an idea, but no proof.   I will put my idea of what in green. 

Vatic Note:

I received this video on 1/2/2010 and held it to see how accurate it would be after the year was over. Well, the time is now. We are dedicating Christmas to presenting the new paradigm entering into our field of existance and its marvelous. We are using this blog to lead us into our series on Christmas day, so join us after your festivities to receive our Christmas gift to you.  I did not realize it but when we created our first strategy on the People to People initiative, we put out there what you are going to hear on this video.  This is a LOOK AT WHAT ACTUALLY OCCURRED IN RETROSPECTION and we can see it all happened as predicted.  This is truly exciting.  Its not over yet either.  More is coming.   Given that Christmas Eve is the beginning of the holiday, we are starting our journey of discovery down this rabbit hole, tonight with this first blog about predictions made in 2009 about 2010 and you will be surprised at how prophetic it was as we end 2010. 

The entire day, Dec 25th, will be with blogs to do with consciousness, energy, mayan Calendar and 2012 predictions. Its important as it gives a real serious explanation for so much going on in the planet as we speak. Europes cold spell. etc.... The bogus false flag to clear us out of the gulf, and Haiti, 7,000 soldiers in central America, etc. You will begin to see that the evil ones know all this and are in preparation for it. Arctic Circle seed bank, I couldn\'t figure out why the Arctic, but after watching all these, I know why now, and they have no idea if they will survive it either.
(Art work by P. Rydz)

Everything on this video has come true and we will be showing that to you with this series. We ask you visit us on Christmas when you have some free time or after christmas for that matter and check it out so you can see where we are going and leave the depression, fear, and hopelessness behind as its in the \"OLD PARADIGM\" and we will be leaving those of hate and fear of the old paradigm behind. We are pioneers on a journey of discovery from within that will manifest itself without as we traverse THE NEW PARADIGM.   Welcome home. We will be doing even more pre New Years day and on New Years day. Remember we are in unknown territory now with all the earth changes, celestial changes and and energy changes, so be prepared for the ride of your life. We live in interesting and exciting times. We are truly pioneers and agreed to come here at this point in time to experience this.
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IIPost:  Assange Admits Wikileaks a Fraud Run by Press for Israel
Vatic Note   This is  difficult situation that could have easily divided the \"Truth\" community, but may well unite us like never before once it becomes even more evident that Assange works for Israel and the international power brokers.  Anything touted and NOT IGNORED by the press serves their owners, the Zionist khazar rothschild intern\'l bankers. Simple deductive reasoning could have shown us that, but many did not want to see, so it took it coming from his own mouth. 

We are so desperate for any advantage that we grabbed on to Assange like a lifesaver and expected him to carry us to safety and salvation.  It just wasn\'t going to happen.   The reason the zionists do this is to continually instill a kind of Bi-Polar condition in the people, that eventually results in a form of mass depression.  The ups and downs of the battle, where you lose everytime, eventually results in apathy and reduces the risk of the population fighting back.  Just look at the Pals.   Everytime they try to do ANYTHING for themselves,  the Israeli\'s prove to them they are not in control of their lives and eventually they give up and stop fighting back.   Its brilliant actually and with this Assange thing its starting to work on us the same way it works now on the pals.  

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III.    Post:  Inequalilty, Chile\'s Bicentennial Challenge
Vatic Note :  In keeping with our look at other countries, we found this on Chile in South America.  Remember the other day we dealt with Australia and the spying by Israel in that nation and today we are looking at Chile to see just how much like us they have become or we have become, which ever happened last.  I suspect how much we have become like Chile and South America.   Its a very beautiful and interesting country with an exceptionally long coast line.   A fascinating place to visit, but it also reflects what is happening globally that we can attribute to the same cause.   Greed and class rigidity that we are about to experience where mobility is no longer part of the American dream.  We are seeing it already in college affordability for a disappearing middle class.  Read this and see how much alike we are becoming.  
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IV.  Post:  13 Lies: An Abbreviated History of U.S. Presidents Leading Us to War
Article Excerpt:  Those of you who long ago figured out that George Bush lied about, and twisted, 9-11, the role of Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Osama, and WMDs to justify the invasions of Afghanistan, and Iraq, and to create the War on Terror, will not be surprised to learn that our prior Presidents, and their complicit henchmen, have lied us into every war since our Revolution. Their true reasons have not been legal, constitutional, or politically acceptable, so they invent one or more false reasons that they can sell to the people. The recent WikiLeaks disclosures confirm how our foreign policy is riddled with lies. Surprise!

Sadly, most people, especially the troops and their families, believe the lies and proudly support these “wars for defense of our Liberties.”  It doesn’t occur to them that our leaders would be so evil as to spend the lives of our troops to gain their hidden goals for Empire-USA (oil, power, land, etc.).

The secret plan of the Bush-Obama gang is to:
A.  Take over all oil in the greater mid east (including the east of Caspian ‘xxstans’, and North Africa), which holds the world’s last reserves of easy-cheap oil, so we don’t have to share it with China, India, and others

B.  Defend Israel at any cost (this helps congressmen and presidents get Israel’s AIPAC support for re-election). Control of oil was the hidden reason for the Balkans, Afghan, and Iraq wars.

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