Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 23, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 23, 2010
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Monday, December 27, 2010 01:54 pm

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Dec 23, 2010

I.  Post:    BEWARE: The Real (Domestic) Terrorists are Upping Their Chatter (and sealing their fate)
Vatic Note:  PRINT THIS OUT AND PASS IT AROUND TO YOUR NEIGHBORS WHO DO NOT HAVE A COMPUTER.  SPREAD THIS ALL OVER THE PLACE TO EXPOSE IT TO THE LIGHT OF DAY.   INFORM THE SHEEP.   This is all its going to take for action to begin here, and when that happens watch Europe explode.  They have been waiting and its at a crucial time now.  If we respond when they do their FALSE FLAG ATTACK, then Europe will bust out all over there as well.  We have been tracking all the riots that are not shown on the MSM but are on the alternative press.  Its just damn time the \"people\" took back what is theirs and does not belong to the slimey criminals running their mafia satanic organization.

This makes perfect sense, if you remember who is running our government known as the synagogue of Satan, Khazar Rothschild bankers who HATE CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS alike. They proved that in Russia when they took them over and killed 60 million Christians. So now they take our holiday where we enjoy family and the spirit of the season of Christs Birth and use that to again attack this nation psychologically and through deception to wear us down. Once you accept who the real terrorist are,  experienced for decades within their own country, then its an easy step to say \"OK, ONE MORE TIME AND THAT IS THE END OF IT.... YOU DO IT NOW AND YOU ARE DEAD MEAT and we go after them like they would not believe, no more, now we GIVE instead of RECEIVE.  NOT the government, rather that foreign occupiers of our gov.    We can take care of the traitors later.  

Everyone in agreement??? You now have your enemy and your targets. Focus like a laser beam on them until they are all gone. We just had a post up here proving Israel intended to nuke two american cities and blame it on the Pakistanis, so we know who will be doing the deed if its done. Watch out, you are awakening a sleeping tiger and I dont\' think you want to do that unless your suicidal.  NO more of your BS (talking to the  bankers, LOL) .   

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IIPost:  Over 300 Pollutants in U.S. Tap Water
Vatic Note  Remember we covered water on this blog very very extensively, not only how scientifically water is important to our bodies, but also our DNA and consciousness which makes us who we are and makes us \"human\". Then we covered the Jesse Ventura program on what they are doing to our fresh water, that once you see how important water is to us, then you begin to realize what they are doing is dangerous and downright threatening to our health and our lives. I have to ask, \"why\"? Is it depopulation?

We certainly covered that as well in depth, but it doesn\'t matter why, it matters that we quit privatizing our public services and take control back again so we can be assured our lives are not at risk. This is especially true for our babies and our children and elderly. REMEMBER the movie Erin Brockovitch ?  She found Chromium 6 in the public water supply and sued like crazy and won,  well, guess what?  Chromium 6 is in the water supply of innumerable city water systems right now as we speak.  This is genuinely a crime now, since it was proven in court that it literally can kill people,  which means they know about it and are doing it anyway regardless of the damage to our health, so now its with intent to do that harm, that its been put into the water.  THAT FACT ALONE, MAKES THE ACT OF ADDING IT TO OUR WATER, CRIMINAL.  Seriously,  and the link above is to Erin Brockovitch own web site.  I suggest you go visit it.

I believe its just another way for multiple agendas, they are trying to kill us off, especially seniors and \"useless feeders\" but also to help the chemical companies make a killing in not only our lives but in profits. Stock markets rule now, and humans are secondary. That will continue UNLESS WE CHOOSE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.   This was fascinating in providing information we did not know.  Its worth the time to read and to check out all the cities.  By the way there are doggone near as many in bottled water as there are in the tap water, so shop carefully for bottled water. 

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III.    Post:  The 10 Greediest People of 2010 - Blankfein Makes The List
Vatic Note :  Long overdue look at the greed brigade and notice a big chunk of them are Khazar wall street players and CEO\'s with major deaths of employees under their belts. Nice guys. Now this is who the real WW III enemies are. Lets not forget that when they try to sell us their bogus world war they want us to die in for them. Forget it. But I would be willing to die fighting them. That is at least something they managed to do, make someone like me so mad I would be willing to die taking them out. I am too old to do that, but that doesn\'t mean I can\'t help others fight them. I honestly don\'t remember, ever, in my long life, and plenty of times being mad, that I have ever been so angry as I am now. Not afraid, angry. They really botched this up good.
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IV.  Post:  Israeli warplanes attack Gaza refuge
Article Excerpt:  This is the third attack by Israel on the Palestinians food supply in a very short time.   Last week it was tearing up their olive trees which is worse than destroying the wheat fields they had growing,  because next season they can still grow wheat on the land, but the trees were destroyed and thus no olives.   Now they destroy their only source for milk and cheese and other dairy products, which sends a message here to me anyway.  Is this attempted back door genocide going on here??? 
If so, this is another massive death penalty war crime.  I emphasize death penalty because that might trigger some human response.   Hard to know though with these unusually inhumane toxically angry people.  They are a danger to every human on this planet and I am seeing this more and more every day.   I had no idea until I truly got into this blog and started down various rabbit holes.   The Khazars continually perform acts that reinforce that perception.  (Read more)
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