Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 16, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 16, 2010
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Thursday, December 16, 2010 05:41 pm

Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - Dec 16, 2010

I.  Post:  Illuminati Documentary 2009 (A MUST SEE) Luciferian Conspiracy
Vatic Note:  In doing further research into this population control ( a nicer phrase for depopulation)just announced by Hillary Clinton AS AMERICAN\'S NEW FOREIGN POLICY, I had been told that the Georgia Guidestones were actually put up in Georgia by the Luciferian society with the depopulation agenda in mind. Then remembering we covered the satanism of our leaders and other nations leaders such as Britian, I decided to dig even deeper and found this. We only put this one up out of the series since it had to do with children sacrifices and thus was tied into depopulation.  Its important to watch this one first and then read the next blog after this.  It will be up at 9 am tomorrow mountain time,  11 eastern and 10 central and 8 pacific time.  On the video it makes the point at the end that there will be nothing to stop them once they globalize, they will then control the globe and this will be rampid and out in the open.  

This  was so powerful that I decided against including it in the next blog about Hillary Clintons depopulation announcement to make it part of American foreign policy, rather to lay the foundation for that as the next article using this insightful video as the foundation for the next along with an understanding of all our problems but especially on depopulation. Remember innocent blood is the tribute to satan that these people engage in through pedophilia as many on here discuss, but also through sacrificing babies and children, and including ABORTION for babies in the womb. This is appalling.  Can you imagine the power they would believe they will have doing mass in the millions or more abortions etc.
Eugenics has been funded by Rockefeller (Dr. Mengeles ring a bell?) and has always been the agenda. Remember also most of these people are khazars. They were pagans when they lost their land, pretended to be Jewish in religion, but never practiced it. They practice the philosophy that \"good is evil and evil is good\". Please watch this and then be sure to read the next blog and see the connection.  

PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN YOU READ ABOUT CLINTONS ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT DEPOPULATION AS OUR NEW FOREIGN POLICY. ALSO REMEMBER THIS PICTURE OF HILLARY\'S HAND SIGN WHEN YOU SEE IT ON THE NEXT BLOG.   (Now that declaration of independance from Israel is becoming even more important, fax it to your senators and Reps and White House)

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IIPost: Hillary Clinton: Population Control Will Now Become the Centerpiece of US Foreign Policy
Vatic Note  I have been trying to warn about this coming for sometime now.  The Khazar satanists have finally gotten down to the nub.  They have already been doing this in third world countries, and now its our turn.    Keeping the previous blog in mind about the sacrifice of babies and innocent children for the luciferians which pervade our govenment as you saw on the previous blog, the handsigns that the luciferians use to each other,  and see below that same hand sign given by Hillary and I have another picture showing it given by Obama on several occasions and many of you saw Bush Jr given it all the time, then you know just how high up the ladder of our governement, banking and corporations this evil goes.   Take a look at that hand sign below, remember the video you saw in the previous blog and realize what this depopulation is really all about.   Men were hung at the nuremberg trials for eugenics experiments and genocide for doing exactly what she is suggesting at this point. 

We must fight this depopulation until we can get these people out of our faces and others in with human characteristics who can then address such issues honestly and with integrity.   I trust not a single member of these leaders except for maybe three of them out of the whole congress and none of them out of the khazar group running Israel and International Banking.  Get that Declaration of independance from Israel out to your reps and let them know we know and we expect them to sign it and we will call back to confirm that they have signed it.  This declaration is way more important than even we realized  since it was done before I saw and read either one of these.   Also remember we had a blog up on Obama\'s depopulation and it was scathing.  It would behoove you to see it again.   All three of these tie everything together.  This is what happens when people  are too wealthy, they have too much time on their hands and simply have nothng better to do than this evil. 

Hillary Clinton: Population Control Will Now Become the Centerpiece of US Foreign Policy
December 15, 2010

During remarks that she made for the 15th Anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the launch of a new program that according to Clinton will now become the centerpiece of U.S. foreign policy(Click link below for Rest of  article) 
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III.    Post:  7 Arrested at Flashmob Protesting AIPAC (at their annual fundraiser, good timing)
Vatic Note:   I wish to commend these courageous girls/women for standing for principle.  Its so rare that it sticks out like a sore thumb when it happens.   But Its spreading and our Declaration of Independance from Israel, could take off like a hot wind, if we jump on it now.   Lets get that out there.  Here is the language to print out and copy and distribute to have everyone send it to congress and all employees of the government and banking.  If not then a purge has to take place in gov so we can then take over the wall street brokerage houses, since we are going to take over the Federal Reserve anyway.  Even if they refuse to sign it, get that verbally from them and let us know what you senator or congressman said.   This is important since depopulation has now been made official foreign policy of the USA government controlled by that foreign country.  If we get them out of our government, we can stop all this satanic work being done by them as you saw in the previous two blogs.  Its even worse that I thought.  
IV.  Post:   Wikileaks, Who Benefits? (Same principle as \"follow the money\")

Article Excerpt:   Let us ponder for a second about the meaning of ‘leaking’. When something is leaking, it is usually understood that some fluid substance that is supposed to be flowing in a certain direction, is escaping from its designed route because of a defect in the structure that was built to guide it. Usually, if you have a leaking pipe in your water system, your main problem is that you are unable to control the flow of it, and water goes into directions where you don’t want it to be going.

However, the definition of ‘Wikileaking’ seems to be following entirely different laws of nature. Indeed, the information is flowing away from the secret pipelines it was originally guided into. However, the strange thing about ‘Wikileaking’ is that Israel, a country widely known for its secret dealings and cunning intelligence service, is managing to keep dry feet in spite of the massive political flooding allegedly caused by Wikileaks’ founding father, Julian Assange.

The lack of control that is so typical of other forms of ‘leaking’, certainly does not seem to apply to ‘Wikileaking’ – instead it looks like it is under perfect control, and carefully guided in such a way that it only serves the interests of one state, namely that of Israel.  Assange takes a leak, the world jumps up

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