Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 14, 2010

Vatic Project - Daily Summary- Dec 14, 2010
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010 08:07 pm

I.  Post:   Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: BP Disaster Planned? (see Land Grab)
Vatic Note:  We had done a couple of previous blogs on Land grabs all over the world and we brought up both the Gulf and Haiti,  a HAARP manmade disaster in which Israel had soldiers already in place with a disaster station for the IDF to work from and none of their citizens were hurt during  the event.  Please notice that there has been no independant confirmation of the various illnesses and deaths that the MSM keep reporting, but it has not made any diffence, since the coverage alone has ruined the tourist industry and the fishing industry destroying a way of life for over 200 years and the associated culture that went with it.  So intentional or not, the effect is the same.   

Remember, Obama,  a few days before the disaster,  was going to sign a ban on commercial fishing in the US including the Gulf and all hell broke loose from the fishing industry and he could not do it.   Now there is no fishing in the gulf.  What fish is coming in is being rejected out of fear.  Remember also that this blog provided a full disclosure by an insider saying the oil release was a controlled release by BP from side drilling an oil volcano, which only has oil eating bacteria in the oil within the volcano, thus not as toxic due to the organic nature of the oil.   Organic oil is much different than the crude normally used for refinement.   Now, from this video we know WHY as well as who.   Please watch.  We got this from Forbidden Knowledge TV and it is  the full episode without having to view more than one video.  Also remember Goldman sachs sold 44% of their BP stocks just before the blow out.

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IIPost:  Critics of Big Sis/Wal-Mart Spy Campaign Branded \"Insane\" (language is everything)
Vatic Note Looks like Naomi Wolfe was right in her fourteen points of fascism between what we are experiencing and nazi germany as well as Russia after their revolution conducted, funded and implimented by the very same murders that are doing us. Remember, once the khazars took over Russia, they murdered 60 million christians. This is what we have to look forward too, so we need to stay united and do nothing to aid them in this endeavor until we decide what we want to do about all this once we see nothing within the system works anymore. I see it but many of the sheep do not see it yet. Its time to start seriously thinking about which way we are going to go when this progresses to that line in the sand we all have sitting out there..... will it be when they take your children, drug them, pedophile them??? Where is your line in the sand? Have you even thought about it yet. Its time to begin doing just that. I did not know that this head of HLS was also a Khazar. I just found that out, but will have to confirm, so stay tuned. So that sure puts the icing on the cake. Another one who will have to sign our declaration or leave office.

Solution to solve this spy campaign:   Turn in anyone you know for a fact is a neocon. Someone who supports the war, thinks all muslims are crazy bombers, and hates other Americans and thinks our leaders are trustworthy etc.   That will stop all this spying real quick or the bad guys will lose the support of those weinies we turn in.  LOL  They are already losing a lot of the sheep who are finally getting that something is seriously wrong, but they can\'t put a finger on it, so only turn in those who would turn in others.   lol  Trust me, this will get the ball rolling against the khazars because I just told that to someone who asked who is doing this and that is who I said and they then were directed by me to read up about them.  Another educated sheeple.  Further, tell your neighbors that anyone who turns in another American is a \"COLLABORATOR\" and we all know what happens to collaborators.  Remind them of what the underground in europe did to them. 

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III.    Post:  Is this Proof of the Intent to Land Grab the Gulf shoreline?
Vatic Note:   Look what I found in the archives of old news files? This was on the Intel Hub and it fits perfectly with the entire Gulf blow out disaster. Has this been planned since way back in 2007??? It begins to look exactly like what is also going on in Haiti and their resort shoreline. Add to that the whistle blower who said the oil leak was a controlled leak of the oil eating bacteria type oil from an oil volcano that is not as dangerous as the crude would have been and it was done in a controlled fashion.  Add to that the fact that the movie \"The Knowing\" was a cynical in your face telling us they intended to do the gulf a good solid year before they did it.   That is how long they plan these things.  Watch the movie and see.... its right in the beginning on a news broadcast. If someone doesn\'t take Goldman sachs down along with BP, then Justice will simply have to be done the old fashion way called Frontier Justice.

Add to that the lack of any anecdotal proof of the bleeding lungs and dying people in the gulf and it would also explain the extraordinary actions of the control of access to the area of the press by BP. The disinformation MSM press is destroying the gulf tourism and fishing industry which means abandonment of the area for jobs further inland. Add to that Obama\'s attempt by Exec Order to ban commercial fishing just before the gulf blow out and the ensuing conflict as a result.   Further, the laser we thought hit the rig may well have been the case,  look what else we also discovered about that...... excerpt  below from link: ;  
\"One of the most noted BP insiders is Dr. Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy who most of his career specialized in high powered lasers. Both Chu and his Under Secretary for Science, Steve Koonin have strong ties to BP.\"

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IV.  Post:   Quantum Note: The Poverty of World Leaders

Article Excerpt:   If one were to read between the lines of Wikileak documents, there is only one disturbing conclusion: At the end of the day, all that matters in the contemporary world is brute force.  (VN:  well, look who picked those leaders and funded their campaigns and then look at their own country and the destruction and chaos and drama that goes on there, thus,  what in the world did anyone expect when you put dual Israeli Khazars as head of countries in key positions?  Notice Wikileaks doesn\'t mention that does he? )

The ideals which used to govern world leaders in the past have all disappeared. There is no mention of justice in these leaked documents, even a civil discourse on issues of great importance is absent. There are no signs of any major concern for peace based on dignity and justice, only an obsession with controlling all that goes on in the world. One finds troubling tinkering of domestic affairs of many countries, as if these are American colonies. (VN: if we keep focused on who is running our country and has been for a long time since they shot JFK, then we know why and its not American colonies, its Israeli colonies affected by the Israeli controlled money and blood tree called America, this is not us, and its never been us, but it is now because we ARE A FOREIGN OCCUPIED NATION OURSELVES, notice how Wikileaks never mentions that either?).

In a way, much of what Wikileaks has dumped on the internet is mere detail: expressive, convincing, raw, forceful, enticing, even captivating, but detail, nevertheless. These details outline features of the contemporary world in various realms (politics, economy, diplomacy, military, etc.), they confirm what was already well-known: the modern world is beset with a deep malaise and no one has any cure for it. At the heart of this malaise is the sickness of the leadership. Those who are ruling the world are doing what they are doing because they have no real intention of finding solutions to a very large number of grave problems affecting the lives of millions of human beings. Not that they are not trying, but their failure is due to a fundamental problem in their own makeup.
(VN:  We have a cure for it..... Kick all dual Israeli citizens out of our government and wall street.  The problem is we need to purge the controllers out of our nation and we can get back to where we once were at one time.   WE NEED TO GET THE FOREIGN OCCUPIERS KICKED OUT LIKE ICELAND DID AND ARGENTINA).
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