valuable - my advice no. 7 + 8 plus FBI hint - New Age of Silly Con Wally

valuable - my advice no. 7 + 8 plus FBI hint - New Age of Silly Con Wally
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009 08:25 am

7. Reduce usage of cellphone to absolute necessity.
Better think twice, for example, before you go shopping, before you start travelling, before you have a walk with your dog.

8. Contrary to simple-minded mainstream fellow-citizens it\'s a privilege NOT to be reachable via sellphone all day long 24/7
Two decades ago it was a symbol of status, importance and wealth to carry a cellphone with you but nowadays it\'s so common just like flying Ryan Air or take a SUV car to move one\'s ass from A to B.

The stairway to hell is always broad, seductive and comfortable, as the NT tells us, and many people avoid the narrow path.

some sarcasm hardly to avoid:

The less brain people have the more they use cellphones and add some more damage to their inferior thining assets thus create even more dependency on outer guiding.

The calm whisper of one\'s inner voice,
Suppressed by superficial cellphone noise?

lately in any of the supermarkets,
shopping with cellphone guidance:

\"Darling, did you mean the Killox Barley Fakes
big box or small box? .... yeah ... but there\'s only one size ... should I choose Karlheinz Super Grain instead? And .. oh thanks, the special offer Great Value Mocca ... okay, okay ...
2 bags?\"
bla bla bla

How could people ever have sustained their living without electro nanny?

FBI now listens on your Cell Phone!