Valentine's Day...Sex and Parasites...

Valentine's Day...Sex and Parasites...
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012 01:52 pm

Copied and pasted from today’s email from Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby MD, MB ChB, PhD


Guess why sex was invented and why it is needed‏

Sex is for reproduction, right?

Not really. If that\'s all there was to reproducing ourselves, we\'d just split in two. Very neat, very efficient; millions of life forms do it that way.

Why is sex so important and what\'s different about it?

It\'s all caused by parasites; they drove us to sex. I\'m not kidding!

To understand this better, let me introduce you to the \"Red Queen Scenario\" as biologists call it. Matt Ridley wrote a very capable book about it. It comes from Alice Through The Looking Glass; the Red Queen running and running and running, just to stay in the same place.

It\'s like that with parasites. We develop cute genes that lock them out. But then they invent a new strategy and can invade again; then we develop a new set of genes; they get round that eventually... and so on.

If we didn\'t have sex to swap around genes and come up with new combinations, we\'d get wiped out by parasites. Instead, it\'s a constant, edgy game, where we truly are running and running, just to stay level!

We live in uneasy peace with parasites. At times they get the better of us.

Rather than wait for new genes, or if you are past the reproductive age, all you\'ve got to beat them at their own game is KNOWLEDGE.

I can help you out there. I\'ve done a major report on parasites and the threat they pose to us, in my Parasites Handbook. You need to know this stuff. Ignorance is a poor option to glowing health.

Here\'s the link: [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

It\'s a repulsive topic but one you need to face!