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Tuesday, July 31, 2007 01:04 pm

It has recently come to light that my friend and business partner has early onset liver failure stemming from a lifetime of doing what he the world collecting useful (and for a time, decorative) plants from places as uniques as Laos and Southern Chile. Having had malaria (which never really goes away), \'Dengue\' fever (no one really know what this is, though they pretend to), a lifelong passion for alcohol and years of lab work at his business (the first \'legal high\' and exotic plant mail order in the world) with exposure to various solvents etc. No doubt he has liver problems. Now it turns out that he carries the anti-bodies for all three forms of hepatitis, ie. he has had them all and healed them.
His doctor is my family doctor (who does housecalls!) and now she is pestering Nico and myself (Nico is my sons ex) to get Rowan his \'shots\' for hepatits and mellingitis...I say no, and have as of today asked her if she was willing to take the components of these vaccines, and drink them at an adjusted volume for her body weight compared with Rowan...I\'ll write back later and let ya\'ll know her answer! In the US someone is offering $75,000.00 to do this...I wonder if she could pretend to be an American Dr.?