U P D A T E : The Way Out Of The Labyrinth ?

U P D A T E : The Way Out Of The Labyrinth ?
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Harvey W
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 02:47 pm

U P D A T E :

How is the Rod Class and Carl Weston DC process working in their landmark 1st case in the Superior Court of the the District of Columbia ? ALSO, info on some NEW cases they\'ll be filing in DC in early April. Also, discussions on why the courts are acting the way they are...the gold-fringed flag...
and the Restore America Plan. Last night\'s call (3.23.10) was not only for hard-core Rod Class and friends followers who\'ve been listening for the last two years...but also, a crash course for those just starting out on the Rod Class and friends trail !

That 1st case:

File Date: 07/29/2009 Case Status: Closed Case Status Date: 07/29/2009
Case Disposition: Dismissed by Court Case Disposition Date: 11/04/2009

Party Information:
Party Name...Party Alias(es)...Party Type...Attorney(s)   
UNITED STATES...CORPORATION...Defendant  (they didn\'t list their attorneys)

Docket Entries  (Below is the most important Docket Entry...it\'s hanging there !)


11/09/2009 ...Motion for Reconsideration of Default and Objection/Response to November 4th 2009 Order Filed Attorney: PRO SE (999999) RODNEY DALE (PLAINTIFF); Receipt: 149809 Date: 11/09/2009

Rod and Carl have PAID for \"honest service\" and yet...   

Rod and Carl\'s Motion For Reconsideration, fully Paid For and the receipt # noted, still sits on Judge Holeman\'s desk awaiting Holeman to actually act on it after 120 days ! The Clerk of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia confirmed that Holeman has it and that he will eventually rule on it (When ? After he sees his liability and is forced to rule and then forced off the bench ?) ! The Court is stuck by their own procedures...they have to rule, but it will result in the \"fraud\" being fully exposed and on the record ! They don\'t have a way out without hanging themselves ! The courts are over a barrel !

Here\'s is the recording from the Tues, 3.23.10 call. It gives the background and shows how it will be accomplished...Also, a discussion, among other things, of the People\'s Grand Juries that will be put into effect after the \"Restore America Plan\" is activated across the country...which is next Monday, March 29, 2010 !

Link to Tues, 3.23.10 Call  [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

It\'s a long call (almost 3 hours), but for those of you following this or want to know what we\'re up to - very interesting and telling !

Donations for DC trips, etc...to: Rod Class, P O Box 435, High Shoals, NC 28077
Cash or Money Orders only, please...whatever you can send is appreciated...and Thanks !