U$ citizens oppressed by own government *LINK*

U$ citizens oppressed by own government *LINK*
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Saturday, April 30, 2005 03:43 pm


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Saturday 30th April 2005 (07h20) :

Hugo Chavez: U.S. citizens are oppressed by their own government

Venezulean leader: U.S. citizens oppressed Hugo Chavez in Havana for trade

HAVANA, Cuba (AP) -- Saying that U.S. citizens are oppressed by their own
government, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez promised Friday that he would
not visit the United States again until Americans \"liberate\" their nation.

Chavez, in Havana for trade talks, told an international gathering of
activists here that before an earlier trip to Cuba, a U.S. State
Department undersecretary he did not identify warned him not to go because
he would no longer be received in Washington.

He said he went ahead with that trip anyway, and later traveled to the
United States to visit U.S. President George W. Bush, who he said greeted
him with a Coca-Cola in his hand.

\"I have not returned, nor do I think about returning again, until the
people of the United States liberate that nation,\" said Chavez, saying
that Americans are \"oppressed\" by their government and U.S. media.

Chavez considers Cuban President Fidel Castro a political ally and close
personal friend, and Washington has grown increasingly alarmed by their
deepening political and economic alliance.

During Chavez\'s current visit, the two countries have signed a host of
economic and other accords, including a deal for Cuba to buy $412 million
in goods from the South American nation, with Cuba waiving all import

Venezuela\'s state oil company also has opened an office in Havana this
week, agreeing to help explore for and refine any crude deposits
discovered off the island\'s coast. It also announced that the 53,000
barrels it has been sending to Cuba since 2000 at preferential terms was
recently increased to up to 90,000 barrels daily.

Chavez also criticized the current Latin American tour by U.S. Secretary
of State Condoleezza Rice, referring to her as an \"imperial lady\" who is
trying to divide and conquer the hemisphere\'s developing nations.