Take a Deep Breath...

Take a Deep Breath...
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Johnny Skidmarks
Wednesday, November 16, 2005 08:15 pm

...and we\'ll see you when you surface. All the best!


: Folks,

: We will now be in for a wild time.

: New dedicated server goes online tomorrow sometime

: ALL databasing is being moved now.

: Therefore, for the next two days starting tomorrow, things will get a
: bit behind as I need to recreate ALL postings made to the various
: databases today, as they will not be included.

: Just a heads up.

: Once the new server goes online I will need to resend FTP and possibly
: Email logins (for those have have a bloginservice.com email address).

: LOVE and LIGHT to you all.

: I will be VERY busy for the next two days......... please bare with me
: as this gets underway.

: GOOD NEWS IS the website will be AWESOME in speed, functionality and
: effeciency.

: The site will be down after 11pm to 12 midnight tonight for several
: hours.

: Sincerely, Management