TAG, FOR MEGAN, tech at apple mac security of my bridging wisdom @ me dot com, yes I am very calm *PIC*

TAG, FOR MEGAN, tech at apple mac security of my bridging wisdom @ me dot com, yes I am very calm *PIC*
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Friday, September 09, 2011 01:42 pm

to something I do not yet wish to see, I am supressing this information for a reason in which seems to be a s a protective barrier. one might suggest a fail safe system. noting, the chats white fire is beside me in my rear view mirror

thank GOD 


the \"W\" in we is a double U


 under the shift key

the kee is Y

got down off my horse and stepped in a pile of Shifting


the garrage




car locks


bush taken down at bed room for better view

the note is taken

with easment that I am in my singular concious mind

there is nothing that one can get under my skin

I am evolved

at times I wish to be private

so I go to my spot

or scan my body for inpurifications

transfusing my blood with Christ blood

if you must know

to many leaders in the stage play

need only the word man to lead my needs

please keep all unnecessary messages from my systems synapsis brain map

as I do not need unnecessary neurotransmitters fed at this given date and time

thank you



and yes I keep my temper in check

as it can be quite fun learning to control

I am in total control of all parts of me

due to I AM I

the M is me

the W is a double U

U and I are double U\'s

it takes one + one - one = one

if one needs to look into this

it is the linnie

and glass of sherry 

in which glitched a kink

using this we



and on a iweb so duley noted

yet this is one that plays in trixter mode lots.

my bridgingwisdom@me.com email is hacked

and the pass code as well as the hint changed

the apple athorities have red flagged the acct

with tier 3

if this opporator was real

because I called her out as well.

dont worry

my grandfather left me a safe

in which even if the universe blows

it will not be destructed

as well as you know

I use 24 karet cd\'s which with stand all things.


MAY YOU HAVE A PEACEFUL rest of the day and evening.