*symbolic *NEW PORT* of my family 5th generation turn stores and brian of charlotte nc 55 yr old gains new job through a company which use to build t...

*symbolic *NEW PORT* of my family 5th generation turn stores and brian of charlotte nc 55 yr old gains new job through a company which use to build these luxury ships, located in michigan, as to *PIC*
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catbird cathy hill cook
Sunday, January 29, 2012 05:47 pm


If any one drills for oil in the USA, he sill be breathing down necks checking the chemicals that will be used 

he wishes to find Greenhouse type of energy

it is just someone can not find the proper and complete offer to express


IT IS THE MOST PROFOUND AWAKENING not only in our Assending but for the Blueprint in which is drawn out to give us which have doubts


president obama in  his address answered with less taxes and more openings with any one that has a good game plan to have a chance



a congressman is keeping his vote back on the watchdog plan that will help all *ME* in mal practice, and in oh what


He told my family to make a living will?

oh was that a message only I would understand

since my family has since my father passed dont many wrong duings

which we never had a strife until august 3, 2005   in which I reported yep my entire family to be investigated

why would I hold back to each that have done to me even worse   case?

I do not I begg them not to press charges

so count this as a chance to play by the rules.

Love in Light always forever and a day

Proud to be a family member of the bbsradio broadcast network


the bridg will change from a swing roap bridge to the golden gate and the bever in the river water of relationships

solid and clean energy

any that wish to cross with humbling and respect, pure love in light, by tuesday will be the opening and the closing

like changing the 12 thousand of one carnaval ship to the new carnaval ship

this NEW MOVEMENT, THE gone to carolina \"CODE COLORADO\" will be narrow

just ask James.

 I care for you, even when you can not care and love yourself

I will not give up on you or the beyond the beyond


deep root 

yes I did

I know my path

its bright the lights have been lit to clean ultra violet flames

and to brightlights the candle to you as you pass the light to another and another

no pure clean ultra violet light will extinguish

finders on the wayward path


lets continue to bridge wisdom


KEY WORD CAUGHT through picnicking in my photos, air that energy brush, ENHANSMENT







code for you. and you , and you SEED! all the colors of the world, you all that are in the need to \"THE KNOWING\" check it,.




rep  Jackie my collage cpcc and my daughter in law from michigan




gosh I just simply connect the dots




if you want to see the symbolics and \"THE KNOWING\" 




here you will have it.






Game board cleared and level, you ready to play fair? as he is requesting, face it,THIS FOR FATHER IS compassionate and caring as GOd to the Sparrow, and the Knowing THe little crys incognito and patiently I waited in discernment and Knowing each energy face, I AM CLEAN ENERGY. yep clean from any wrong doing but to be so giving and loving that the darkness had to be spanked.




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THE PROPHETIC BROADCAST OF THE ADDRESSING THE UNION A VERSE AND PUSHING THE RED BUTTON the broadcast I shared with the authorities as this tnt of the 3 doors down codes I received in prophet vision sleep which gained my respect not only with the Universal Governments but with the intense flattery of the intense focus on me, \"KEEP YOUR WORK ON YOUR SIDE OF THE STREET\" SUPPORT YOURS NOT THE BRITTISH. WOW WAIT gets real good




simple is as simple does, life illusion, \"YEA\" REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE\" I know who there is a who whoot whoot






brightlightspathfinders: i just said i have the red button to save or detroy the world (views: 11)




BridgingWisdom -- 4/6/2011, 12:51 am




well you all do the Youtube post by Tal around may 2 something 







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conencting the clean energy dots






I am my fathers daughter, I AM HIS LEGACY TO BE TOLD, PERIOD