*** Steve Quayle: Euro Has Collapsed! *** *LINK* *PIC*

*** Steve Quayle: Euro Has Collapsed! *** *LINK* *PIC*
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Friday, June 15, 2012 09:00 am

Note from Zany:  Several close radio show guests sent this to me yesterday.  I checked out Steve Quayle, but I don\'t know who he is, or if he\'s a solid source.  Also, he seems to have a slightly religious overtone to his website, though it looks as if he means well.  So, he may be a \"christian fundie alarmist\", creating catch headlines for attention.    I have no doubt that it\'s LIKELY the Euro WILL collapse, so if not now, when?  Clif High gave it 20 days, about 10 days ago.  Personally, I\'m not worried.  This MUST happen (i.e., a global cleansing of the completely corrupt monetary system, and a crash to zero of the dollar will hurt those at the TOP far more than us sheeple, who have been squeezed all our lives!)  Relax, don\'t panic but know this is coming... what would one need, rather than worthless paper in the pocket that cannot be spent?   Food, water, household supplies and for those with a LOT of paper - silver coins, perhaps.  It\'s likely we will move to a gold/silver backed currency in a transitional phase.  After that, who knows?  It depends on how quickly Free Energy that is already developed can be released, and many private groups are now working together to have this all in place \"in time\" for that moment.  Enjoy the NOW!  Money has always been an ILLusion, and the \"little folk\" have far more to GAIN in losing DEBT than the rich, who will lose most of their assets.  One company comes to mind:  APPLE, Inc.  They have BILLIONS IN CASH.  If the dollar becomes worthless... well, follow my drift?  Of course, this COULD BE the \"Problem-Reaction-Solution\" that David Icke talks about, and \"they\" who are now in control could be creating this in order to roll out the next system of tighter control, and putting themselves even further distanced with vast holdings in real tangibel assets; gold, diamonds, silver, etc.  Who knows?  This is a play, and we\'re intierested in a SPIRITUAL solution that honors all life in unified consciousness.  No more heartless greed, corruption, wars, murder, police states, surveillance, etc.   

BYE BYE, Miss American Pie!



Total Economic Collapse Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Euro Has Collapsed!

NOTE: This is NOT the final red screen

June 14, 2012


It is with trepidation that I write to you....The Euro has collapsed unofficially. The money is OUT of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, Belgium and the German Elites have begun to shore up their wealth in hard assets and precious metals. RBS has given orders to close two of their major equities sectors, thousands of jobs are going to be lost the next few days/weeks. Credit Sussie has called on top investors to head to Swiss safe harbor and hard asset diversified portfolios.

The Capital Controls are in place to keep the charade of control going for the next four to six months before the official collapse. Steve...this is it. The Euro has collapsed and no one has noticed it. Greek bank runs are close to $3.5 Billion Euros per day not the $1 Billion that is being reported. The rest of the PIIGS are in the same boat. Bank Holiday imminent in all of continental Europe in the coming days and weeks. This is again theatrics to keep the plebeians believing in some semblance of control.

Please warn your listeners to pull out of their bank accounts everything that they need. Keep only to pay the day to day expenses. If they have land to go to, please do so now. Steve I do not know how much longer I can keep writing to you. You were knocked off line during your show with the Haggmans right before your were going to divulge what I have told you with the Spanish bailout. It is getting dangerous for all of now.

Again the Euro has collapsed...I repeat the Euro has collapsed. Unofficially.

May God Help Us All....



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