(sounds gay) *PIC*

(sounds gay) *PIC*
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Friday, October 07, 2005 12:24 am

sounds gay, like an \"old hand\" welcoming a newbie to San Francisco.

: Take my hand dear ones and come with me to the Promised Land. We shall
: decorate the halls* with the glory of flowers. We shall give unto the
: corridors the bejeweled crowns of richness that spell of abundance.
: We shall sing the tones of love and light throughout the land. We
: shall dance in the streets and welcome all who come into our lives,
: for they are grand and they are Holy. With our celebration comes the
: knowledge that we are over the mountain and have reached the other
: side. Do you feel it? Do you taste the glory? Do you hear the revelry
: and the tones of love as they waft across the meadows and sing into
: every soul?

(*compare with lyrics at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] )