“She’ll be right mate.”

“She’ll be right mate.”
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Wednesday, August 31, 2005 11:57 pm

: I\'m the reverse of your experiences. I used to be a graceful, self-righteous guy and now I\'m a gnarly SOB. LOL

It seems that between the two of you there is balance.

: Salvation is a different animal for it is derived from faith, not knowledge, not logic.
: While Salvation is a different animal it also is part of the repeating patterns; it too is nothing new.

Well there is always that ‘other’ way that not many people see.

At the moment I am watching the process that could be called “The cutting of the Gordian Knot”.

In that process, (once completed) The future is no longer determined by the past.

In that. Logic cannot be utilized. Nor the ‘causal’.

That is what the Magi fear the most.

Because instead of \'re-creation\' of events. We will have ‘true’ creation in the now moment. Without reference to the past.

That will give one the feeling like one has let go of the steering wheel.

I suppose that that ‘one’ would need a lot of ‘faith\' in that scenario.

Not ‘faith’ as in that someone \'else\' will look after you.

But more like the ‘faith’ more commonly expressed in OZ.

“She’ll be right mate.”