***Satan using homosexuality to destroy nations: sexual perversions bringing down America...***

***Satan using homosexuality to destroy nations: sexual perversions bringing down America...***
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zany mystic
Sunday, April 22, 2007 03:34 pm

Zany Mystic here.

After I posted this piece, I realized that the person writing it, now 72, has not apparently learned much in those years. He is holding onto an old paradigm:

"All straights hate all gays".

NOT TRUE. Not even remotely true. So, the entire premise of his article is FALSE. Though it was too late to pull the piece, as I saw the narrow mindedness of it, I figured it might stir things up a bit, and spark debate, or better yet be ignored.

I moderate a group on UFOs, which is modeled after the website: [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]. It's a Yahoo group. A post came my way for "approval", which is a response to this article. I thought I'd post it here, because this is an example of how the "predominant mindset" thinks. This woman is a talk show radio host, apparently. Read what she said:

Re: [Eyepod] Why do straights hate gays?

if you enjoy your life thank God first and a heterosexual second.

Satan has always used homosexuality to destroy nations, societies, and the family.

why do you fall for his traps?

sexual perversions brought down the Roman empire and it's bringing down America as well..pedophilia is always just a step behind the increase of homosexuality.

what next? equal rights for beastiality freaks?

we don't have to worry about the Russians or Chinese destroying America..the gay community is already doing it.

Sherry Shriner,
Author of Bible Codes Revealed: The Coming UFO Invasion and Aliens On The Internet


She has included her websites and contact information. I approved her message to the group, because I thought perhaps something GOOD might come of it. If we descend into mass hypnosis, and blame all our ills on "Satan and homosexuality", then that's the mindless mindset that BUSH is pushing, also enjoyed by much of the far Christian right. Ignorance.

Homosexuals have provided culture, art, writing, entertaining and spiritual elements throughout history. As for pedophilia, I've known thousands of gay men, and NOT ONE was a pedophile. My own father, who was straight, WAS. Pedophiles are in the highest levels of government, it's known for a fact, and are STRAIGHT, not gay. Methinks the lady doth protesteth too much!

I invite those who strongly disagree with Sherry's appraisal to WRITE HER and speak your mind, peacefully. She is not WRONG. But she is limiting her perspective, and it's clearly "disturbing". She's "disturbed". As I see it from a spiritual perspective, this is an area that her SOUL needs to find healing in, and she has chosen to be a narrow minded Christian right bigot in order to break out of that mold and find the love within.

This is not a time to create or foster further DIVISIONS, for those who are on a spiritual path. It is a time to HEAL perceived differences, and realize that we are ALL ONE, united in the LOVE of God's energies. It's all GOD; the good, bad and ugly. When Christ spoke of love and forgiveness, it wasn't just for the middle class or wealthy whites! He helped the dying, the whores, those in jails. He was their FRIEND. I'm sure there must have been homosexuals then too, as always. GOD does NOT make MISTAKES.

It's our vision that is faulty. Is there such a thing as evil? I don't have an answer for that. There IS, however, a lack of LOVE in men's hearts, which creates a lack of conscience and a disconnect from nature which can certainly be labeled as "evil". We do it to ourselves.

One cannot commit wars and other atrocities with LOVE in one's heart. Being gay myself, it is in my best interest to forgive those who hate me, yet do not know me. I am not here to be liked. I am here to LOVE and BEloved.

Many Blessings,
Zany Mystic


Maybe THIS "American Empire" NEEDS to be brought down. At the very least, according to Lee Iococca, who is most assuredly very straight and very wealthy, it needs some MAJOR corrections. However, sex is not a constructive way to promote change. An INFORMED public that is not lied to and manipulated every step of the way is also crucial. Blaming all the world's ills on the gay population is sheer ignorance. It completely wallpapers over the true nature of the dis-ease, which is GREED and lust for POWER. Follow the money.