**RV** Seattle Attack 'Drill' (9/25)

**RV** Seattle Attack 'Drill' (9/25)
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Who Me?
Monday, September 26, 2005 12:24 am

I initially \'thought\' (gut reaction) that this was connected to
ongoing peace demonstrations and further planned civil disobedience
for Mon (26)- and connected to \'implimentation\' of militia law.

After all the \'hype\' to expect \'loud\' explosions, etc...
it was down played on 5pm news showing only a few cars on
a docked ferry afire from a \'small\' explosive device that
made a diminuative \'pop\' or \'bang\'. Not loud \'explosion (s)-

Strategic webcams were down, scanners squelched out.

Knowing there was more, I decided to remote view this.

Explosives were used to create \'openings\' in sea floor along
newly \'discovered\' fault to facilitate larger explosive device
that will be \'triggered\' on a future date.

I would like to believe this will be done to release energy
for a diminishing effect. However, if this \'device\' is triggered
tomorrow (26) it \'will\' be connected to thwarting civil unrest-
and possibily the pretext for militia law.

Needed to share that little gem;-)

*Cliff...send directions please.*