“Reincarnation” explained PROPERLY !!!

“Reincarnation” explained PROPERLY !!!
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Sunday, July 23, 2006 08:31 pm

Highly Evolved Microbiological Entity = Immortal Self, plus ETs, plus Angels, plus Souls etc, etc.

This is why some people can remember these \'other lives\'.

Because the hive-mass consciousness of the microbe never dies. The Microbe aspect of \'YOU\', can remember these other lives in another body.

It remembers these other lives as experiences, and does not see the \'time-line\' like \'we\' do.

That is because the microbial aspect of \'you\', is in effect immortal.

It is an ongoing group consciousness.... Has been for billions of years.

You get your particular past life memories that are different to others because the microbial \'conflagration\' (or combination types) within the body sets up group combination \'type\'.

A combination \'type\' is what the \'blood-liners\' try so hard to hang onto... They are trying to maintain a microbial \'group type\', with all of the marrying and breeding along certain blood lines, so as to maintain a microbial \'group type\' that maintains a certain line of thought pattern. (as in their case, Power Over Others... hence the parasitic undertones)

As I have said before... The Soul, the Angels and even God (praise the Lord) are just basically, the more refined groupings of microbes...

\'GOD\' for instance, is the PRIME microbial scenario... \'God\' may just be simply the \'first\' of all the microbes that came to be.

At that level of consciousness \'the \'God\' group consciousness of that particular microbe is nothing to sneeze at.

IT... The God hive consciousness of the mass-microbe, can, and DOES create all time and space. (plus the heavens and Earth)

Trying to work out what came first, the microbe, or its environment, is stepping into \'Gods\' territory... So I wouldn\'t bother with that.

Just be happy that you are \'with God\', and \'God\' is IN you.

BTW... \'God\' doesn\'t mind if a part of its physical environment (you) dies, because, \'you\' will be remembered in \'Gods Eye\'.

Trust me.