R They Wrong? *LINK*

R They Wrong? *LINK*
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 03:54 pm

WND Exclusive Marchers say gringos,
not illegals, have to go
Activists turn tables, offer no amnesty for \'non-indigenous\' on \'our continent\'\"

Well, are they?
What\'s the argument that says they are wrong? We are here now hence we are right? Bah! I almost agree and am looking to go visit old ireland soon...though I hold no EU passport...nor any passport for that matter! I\'m thinking of getting in as a political refugee from a failed experiment in freedom...thanks Americans...you pooched it for us all! Except I really believe we are winning...I just wanted to pot this in case we lost...\'Beam me back to Erin Scotty\' (Is that mulitnational enough?)