Quantum Awakening

Quantum Awakening
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TNT Madog
Thursday, June 01, 2006 01:23 pm


As the energies of spring dance around us like we were a Maypole
stuck into new soil, we come to a place in this circular
understanding that we finally begin to feel free. A centrifugal
force has been birthed as we go around and around and around in our
choices, in our thoughts, in our daily events. This centrifugal
force of this repeat patterning allows us to be hurled into deeper
consciousness, to be hurled into a new line of thought. The energy
of divine centrifugal force was created from the energy birthed by
going round and round in circles, thoughts and choices.
We\'re coming undone again as another layer of us is being stripped
away and we\'re seen naked in the mall. The energies of what is deep
inside of us crawls to the surface of our consciousness. We have
been asleep for a long time. We\'ve been dormant - now the energies
surge within us and they ask us to move forward. They demand us to
stop licking all that hurts within our hearts, within our day,
within our family.
Trying to undo someone or something, trying to make them into what
you can relate to or align with is a lengthy difficult and
exhausting process. Everyone makes their choices sharply with
exclamation on their very own. Learning to stand in your own pillar
of light is not a job for those who are weak of heart or deed; it is
a job for those that are strong in purpose. The energy of what is
connective and connected collectively is shared. In this sharing
there is a new matrix that is birthed and in this new matrix there
are new possibilities.
We reach out from the mountains to sea to shining sea. We reach out
to those that are within our blood, within our heart and within our
world and still do we ever truly touch? The energy of separation
makes her self-known as she prances about in our life asking for our
attention focusing more on what is not connected than what is
connected. You stand outside of your life like a child looking
through the window trying to figure out who you really are and where
you are to go as the past whispers in your ear.
The difference between people, between religion, between cultures,
between male and female, comes to a head as the vibration of Wesak
escorts itself into a place of new birth. What was Christ, what was
Buddha, what was Kwan Yin and what was Mary Magdalene redefine
themselves into a new living truth that goes beyond written or
proven explanation.
As you become one with the world in what you wear, in what you eat,
in what you observe, the oneness is birthed more and more. Denmark
does not seem so far away from Australia and Australia does not seem
so far away from Alaska. Lines of light are being birthed. This
birth is something of a miracle, a miracle birth and a virgin birth.
For this energy that allows its self to be explored on Earth at this
time has never been experienced. All that you walk into is new and
undefined a clean slate of light. What are you going to write
(right) upon it?
Do not look at past doctrines for your truths for they rewrite
themselves in a foreign format. Intentions are heard loud and clear.
Every thought counts twice, every word counts twice, every action
upon the internet\'s collective grid counts twice. All energies are
heard and counted as votes in a populated precinct. What one decrees
to be their truth is open and serves 24 hours a day. All can choose
at any time to shift the outcome of what they create by observing
and thinking our side of the box. Creation takes on a meaning that
is deeper and more precise than one ever thought possible.
The molecules of life ask you with pinpoint precision to point at
that which your heart and soul desires. See it as a possibility and
it will be so! No other can imagine for you, no other can create for
you, no other can ever truly do for you. The vibration of
separateness is amplified, the vibration of connectiveness is
amplified and both begin to stare eye to I AM, in a Mexican stand
off as we move into the time of duplicity (Gemini).
The energies of May emphasize the frequencies of male and female, of
birth and death, of togetherness and separateness of dependence and
interdependence. The energies of May represent all that is humanly
and divinely male, and all that is humanly and divinely female. The
vibration of that which is High & Holy descends upon earth stronger
and thicker in the time of Taurus as it waits for the duplicity of
The frequency of all that is Heavenly and all that are hosts of
light align with the minds and hearts of those that seek them.
Dispensations of truth allow one to move forward without fear. When
you know within your heart a truth is a truth then the steps that
you take are fearless, sturdy and confident. When you move towards
something you still doubt then you will hesitate and miss ample
opportunity. Know your path inside and out. If you are lucky enough
to know another\'s path in this lifetime then you are blessed. But
first know your own path. You can make excuses of stewardship, of
motherhood, of wife; of business partner but in truth you must first
walk the line of you before you can walk to or for another.
You feel worn and weathered as you know that every thought is being
experienced and counted twice, making your thoughts heavier and
denser than they have ever before. Even your meditations ask of you,
demand of you, impress upon you what needs to be done, what needs to
be accentuated and what needs to be activated. You look for a place
of peace in your sleep but that is but a Hall of Doors creaking and
beckoning you into places that will cause change in your energy
As your multi-dimensional aspect rises and shines in all of its
glory, it asks that you become more in tuned with your perceptions.
Trust who you are and from this point of trust, move forward and
take action. As the seas of earth churn and can\'t make up their mind
whether they want to be hot or cold, you too churn. As the waters
churn they awaken ancient debris, algae from time beyond. As this
algae from time beyond moves upward and outward it touches many
levels of earth with its presence. As it does, it awakens ancient
parts of you that cannot be explained away scientifically or
metaphysically. As you move through the 3 to 7 faces of Eve, so to
speak, you begin to see how all things are interconnected, how all
actions have a ripple effect, and how all words are heard throughout
time and space.
As you begin to see from this point of knowing you look at your life
differently. There are days that your hackles grow wild and growl
and there are days that your fleece is white and you are as pure as
snow. There are days when you worry and there are days when the
peace is so deep you don\'t even attempt to swim out of it. Pay
attention to what brings you peace, what brings you quiet, what
brings you knowing.
You cannot give up nor quit on anything that is of a higher light,
whether self, or soul or work or life. You hold in your heart a key
and that key unlocks your personal treasure trove. The energy of
that treasure trove asks you to partake and sup deeply upon it to
believe that always you are taken care of you on a financial and
spiritual level. It is in that belief that you will activate your
treasure trove into its fullness.
As you take your journey through time, you know you are here, you\'ll
end there and in between is all choice. Clear waters, clear
thoughts, clear intentions will allow you to move forward in time.
There will be many energies that are foreign to your soul and
foreign to your soil. It seems as though everything has been placed
in a blender and shaken about. It is not pureed as of yet, but still
chunky in nature which represents separation. As these energies
progress forward, they ask you to look beyond, not behind, what\'s in
your life. They ask you to see with a deep sight what is beyond
time, what is beyond space, what is beyond explanation.
The vibration of light is held within moisture as the planets and
planetoids of water line up. The thought that solar/stellar light
emanations are housed within a liquid protective coating is foreign
to most. This housing represents the same as a human child, a seed,
a possibility, housed within a liquid. Allow the rains to come as
they heal what burns and thrashes in pain. As they come they give
the earth a deep encoding that will be felt and understood as the
time of November rolls around and is unveiled.
This year is to be looked at as a gift, not a challenge, not
punishment, but a reward. Let your words be \"This year rewards me in
all ways or I receive the gifts of 2006\". A reward represents that
you feel deserving, in deserving you change electromagnetic
biological pulses and become magnetic to that which is a higher and
lighter resolution. Many determine their self worth by the way they
look what they drive, how their life appears to others. The energy
of self worth and deserve-ability will be a hot topic as new studies
explain and exclaim how ones thoughts influence all other aspects of
their life. The energy of deserving cannot be faked, it cannot be
canned, and it cannot be copied. The energy of deserving is a
frequency that has within it a mathematical matrix that then opens
doorways of possibility when none seems available.
Imagine playing a game of cards and in this game a jack represents
anything you want. Consider this year 2006 to be your wild card -
you have within you the ability to shift possibilities. When you
finally grasp this truth, then you will look at your life with a
knowing and a peace that goes what you can become. On planet Earth
most people do not feel deserving – they are still paying penance
for what they did when they were ten years old, last lifetime or a
future lifetime. The energy of paying penance is what keeps earth
heavy and dense. Sadness and negativity are responsibility for
events gone undone are now causing earth to be heavy as she tries to
lift off.
The frequency of deserving will become as hot air in a balloon as
each person begins to feel worthy of the good, worthy of fortune,
worthy of being lucky. Then that energy will have a ripple affect
and all whose paths you cross will be influenced by this energy.
People will begin to feel that you are their lucky charm. As their
lucky charm, it is your job to empower them with their own truth and
abilities as the masters did in times gone by. The Masters told
others to go beyond them, to be wiser than they and move the legacy
forward. As the legacy moves forward, it moves in a way that cannot
be described or followed. The pattern of life is very human; the
collective forms a living being vast of light and possibilities.
Like an animal that can hear a storm before it rumbles to a human\'s
ears, you perceive what is to come. A deep sadness falls into your
energy field for no explanation, for no reason. Follow this sadness
out to see if it\'s close or far –ask the Angels of Light to bless
the sadness that you feel for you may not understand it today but
tomorrow it may make sense.
You are so much more than you understand or believe. It is in that
moreness that your future lives. Destiny asks you to be part of its
rewriting. Do not just make a choice but make an energetic event.
Time will tell what exactly is to come – you are a soldier of light,
you hold a station, you hold a position, you hold the future. This
is not a game, this energy asks to be birthed through you in a
reaction, in action, in breath and deed.
Move beyond your comfort zone. Move into a place of emancipation –
free yourself of limitations, not by having more money but by having
stronger and purer thoughts. Everything is listening to you. When
you have any lack, that lack begets itself. All thoughts are
magnetic, good bad or ugly. Whatever you are thinking, whatever you
are speaking is magnetic of nature. If your life is in a place you
do not like it, then shift your words and your inner dialogue. Look
at what you\'re creating by every thought, every intention. You are
destined for great things – do you feel deserving of them? The
frequencies of deserving now ask to be worn on the inside and
reflected on the outside.