Quake Hits Peru - Third Part of 4-Quake Scenario Fulfilled *LINK*

Quake Hits Peru - Third Part of 4-Quake Scenario Fulfilled *LINK*
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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 11:21 am

Sep 26, 2005, 08:32
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Quake Hits Peru - Third Part of 4-Quake Scenario Fulfilled

A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 (updated 9.26.05 to 7.5) hit northern Peru late Sunday, causing power outages and cutting phone service throughout much of the region.

Peru\'s Geophysics Institute said the quake struck at 8:55 p.m. and was centered about 60 miles northeast of the jungle city Moyobamba, 420 miles

This event fulfils the third part of my 4-Quake Scenario (see askgms update Sept. 12 for details on scenario). I am now having an uneasy feeling about Oct. as regards to geophysical activity along the West Coast of America. I have had recent dream insights of seeing a map of California from a high vantage point and then zooming in on Palm Springs, California and along a line from Eureka to Bakersfield. Should the 4th event in my 4-Quake Scenario occur, then within weeks of the recent earthquake in Peru, again October is in my visions, a magnitude 7.0-8.0 earthquake could occur in California. I will keep you posted.

Note: an error in uploading data into this update listed the wrong earthquake and date. The correct data is included above.
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Sep 15, 2005, 13:39
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Sep 12, 2005, 07:30
Earth Changes
4-Quake Scenario Update

I received 56 letters on my 4-Quake Scenario in the past two days alone asking for an update to my 4-Quake Scenario, which states that if a quake with a magnitude 7.0 or greater hits Japan, then within weeks, or at most two months, a second similar quake in magnitude would hit the Indian Ocean region, followed by another similar quake within weeks, or at most two months, in South America or Mexico, and finally a forth quake of similar magnitude would hit the West Coast of America, again within weeks at most within two months.

Here is what is unfolding regarding my 4-Quake Scenario; On August 16 a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Honshu Japan. This began a new 4-Quake Scenario. Then within weeks on September 9, 2005, a second quake measuring magnitude 7.7 hit Papua New Guinea in the New Ireland Region. This was the second quake in my 4-Quake Scenario. I am now looking for the third quake to hit South America or Mexico this month or early next month. Should this occur, then I believe there is a better than 50% chance that a quake greater than magnitude 7.0 will hit the West Coast of America this year. The location and exact timing of such a quake is unknown at this time. Updates as I receive them.
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