Q&A with Bashar

Q&A with Bashar
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Friday, January 27, 2006 01:31 pm

Bashar: Gabriel Energy

Q: Could you reiterate the number of civilizations that you are aware
of in the multiverse?

B: Yes, about 73 million.

Q: And the different types of physiological forms?

B: Yes, there are a variety of such. About 11,000, roughly.

Q: 11,000 different forms?

B: Yes, roughly, that we are aware of. We have not interacted, by
any means, with all of them, or even a large fraction of them, but we
are aware, from a variety of sources, of at least 73 million
civilizations which represent about 11 - 12 thousand different forms
of __expression of physiological life.

Q: I would like to know my connection to the.what is know on our
planet as the Gabriel energy and exactly what that is, from your

B: All right. There are, again, expressions that are called the
Spirit which is the collective consciousness of your entire planet
there are collections of collections. The World Spirit is a
collective of consciousness which is representative of your entire
Solar System which generally goes by the nomenclature of the Council
of Nine, as a symbolic archetype of the way that consciousness has
arranged itself and how it presents itself in your particular
of experience. This then, yet again, system to system, is a
collective, and within what you call your galaxy, your Milky Way
galaxy, there is that collective, again, of a collective
consciousness. Then all of the local galaxies with Andromeda,
spinning around about twelve galaxies. This forms another collective
nodal point consciousness, and it is that particular level, the
galaxies together in combination, that represent a fragment of what
called the Gabriel consciousness.

Your connection to it is simply that you have vibrational resonances
of that energy that are a part of your particular energy matrix.
you have a direct link to it, perhaps it is a little more prominent
than some individuals may have, even though you all have it.

Q: I was told that the areas of Sacramento and San Francisco were
highest focus of the Gabriel energy on our planet, is that correct?

B: The Shasta area.

Q: The Shasta area?

B: Yes.

Q: And how does that energy symbolically represent itself in our
dimension here?

B: In a variety of ways. Because it is so, I\'ll say, large, it will
be interpreted in a number of ways, but of course the strongest way
will be in terms of what you will call Angelic essence, because it is
that level of being. So most individuals will experience it as an
angelic archetypal symbol in your collective consciousness mirror.
Though there are a variety of ways that other people will also see it
and experience and express it. It will be expressed in a variety of
ways in ancient Egyptian civilization, as the mirror itself. In some
cases the polished mirrors themselves contain aspects of what you
would call the Angelic and Gabriel consciousness, and there are a
variety of other kinds of symbols. To some degree the pyramids
themselves are also aspects of the Gabriel consciousness, to some
degree, or at least have connections to such that are very direct.

Q: How many members of the Association are there currently in your
contemporary time?

B: 375 civilizations.

Q: And what is the latest civilization that has entered the
Association and connected in with you? How do they represent

B: Ga-op-to, Gaopto is that civilization.

Q: And their origin?

B: Gaopto is their origin. They are in what might be called the
beltway, the beltway between the major spiral arm of the galaxy, of
your galaxy.

Q: Are they physiological?

B: Yes to some degree they are, although they have attributes that
are not. They are interesting beings, they tend to manifest in the
astral from as spheres almost exclusively, though there are some
shapes in physiological form that are somewhat different.

Q: Are they humanoid?

B: No. Gaopto are not human experiencers at this time, no.

Q: Are they connected to the Kachina energy?

B: No.

Q: When are we going to be able to space travel to your planet?

B: You have had the ability to create that technology for quite some
time but, of course, some of that information, because of the way
you structured your society, has been suppressed.

Q: So if we wanted to at this time, we could probably travel to your

B: Well certainly you do in astral form quite often, all of you.

Q: Well I mean like in Biblical times.

B: Yes, this is something that at the outside, at the outside will
quite, quite possible by your year of 2037. Perhaps even before that
for many individuals but absolutely, definitely not beyond that time,
2037, you will maintain the same kind of vehicles or similar vehicles
to those that our civilization and many others have utilized.

Q: And who will be the people that will travel around, Government

B: No, not at that time.

Q: Not at that time?

B: Anyone and everyone.

Q: Yes.

B: Yes. In and around, perhaps, your year 2024, will be more the
of the limitation of the utilization of some of those vehicles, but
your year 2037 it will be quite wide open. You understand?

Q: Yes. There is no one doing it now?

B: Not traveling to other planets in those craft. There are a few
beings on your planet that managed to create very low level working
models that they can utilize in your atmosphere, and to some degree a
little outside your atmosphere but they don\'t get very far-not only
because they can\'t, but we don\'t let them.

Q: Are we visited a lot physically?

B: Yes.

Q: All the time?

B: Quite often, quite often, quite, quite, quite, quite, quite,

Q: Ok, thank you.

B: Remember that in astral form you have absolutely no limitations
whatsoever. Absolutely none, except what you think you have.