Q & A Interview With L.B. White, author of Tales of a Zany Mystic *LINK* *PIC*

Q & A Interview With L.B. White, author of Tales of a Zany Mystic *LINK* *PIC*
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Thursday, March 13, 2008
Q & A with L.B. White, author of Tales of a Zany Mystic

Tales of a Zany Mystic availabe at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

Whatever prompted you to write such an "intimate" account of your life being born to two bisexual "bohemian" parents, warts and all?

L.B. White:
Over 30 years ago a psychic, who was the "real deal", told me that I would publish a book. My response must have been lackluster because she stopped right then and there in the reading and emphasized: "I don't think you understand what I'm saying. I'm telling you that you write a book, because it is!" From that day forward, her prediction haunted me. Over the years, many people told me I "should write a book", and it created many a night of guilt, feeling that I was not fulfilling "my purpose". I didn't realize that all of my experiences, outside the fringes of society, were destined to be part of that tale. Each of us is living our own miraculous tale at every moment, and can embrace every second as having brought us to where we are right now.

I also wanted to provide inspiration for my human family of all colors, creeds, stations in life, and especially those who are gay and lesbian, transgender and "other". This includes addicts, alcoholics and the downtrodden, who have often been my closest friends in life.

You are a long-term survivor, with over 24 years living with HIV/AIDS. You claim to know how and when you were infected. Tell us about that moment.

L.B. White:
Oh that. Yes… Well, I can trace my initial "sero-conversion" to 1983because that's when I went through a 3 part Hepatitis B vaccination trial through the San Francisco City Clinic. I had gone in because of something else, and they were recruiting people for the study and promised free follow-up blood work and medical care. What I didn't know at the time was that the HIV virus was slipped in with the vaccine intentionally, in New York and San Francisco, as part of a global project to eliminate "the undesirables". This has been documented now, and can easily be verified. It's called genocide.

I was so naпve! I didn't find out until some years later, when the Physician who was following everyone in the studies for decades, told me offhandedly that I had sero-converted at that time, since my first tube of blood was not infected, yet the second tube was. In other words, within a matter of one month, after receiving the first "vaccination", I became Positive. It didn't occur to me at all about the possibility of nefarious activities. It would be many years later, through a close buddy, that I would be told about this. Nonetheless, it went over my head, and seemed moot in any case. It was a "blonde moment".

Another decade or so would pass before I began reading the truth from a variety of spiritual leaders, including Dr. Len Horowitz, Drunvalo Melchezedik, and other "way showers" of note. A simple Google search now brings up all the pertinent information. I realize that many people are in major denial about our government being behind something so atrocious, but many of us know that our own government has been doing this stuff since before we were born. In fact, if you really want to curl your hair, watch Alex Jones' movie, Endgame, or read a book or two by David Icke or Jim Marrs. In spite of all my years of self-abuse, it's amazing that I've never had an opportunistic infection.

How did you feel?

L.B. White:
At first, I was so angry! Eventually, I had to forgive everyone, when I realized that having a "death sentence" hanging over my head all those years had really helped me to "live in the now", in the moment, fully and spiritually. Had I not been infected, I doubt that I would have discovered or sought a spiritual path of awakening. So, I'm fully cognizant and out of denial, and I thank those who were the cause. Today, I believe that our soul is infinite and eternal, and that death and birth are Maya, or illusions.

We set up our lives from the "other side" for the maximum benefit to self and other, in accordance with many "higher Plans" which are all nested within each other. This is the economy of the Universe. Nothing is lost or wasted. Nothing. And, there are no accidents. None.

You share explicit details of your intimate relationships with men, including your first "true love". Weren't you concerned about limiting your readership?

L.B. White:
Absolutely not! First, I don't really care about material things, I'm a spirit wrapped in flesh for experience, here to be of service to others. That was one major realization after having lived such a decadent and selfish life. Second, I don't really give a rat's ass about what "the mainstream media", which is largely controlled, or "society" thinks about me!

I've been ridiculed, hated and judged since childhood, as most humans are. It's time for everyone, and I'm starting with ME, to stop hating ourselves, embrace our sexuality, speak our own truths, and find the love and acceptance within. It's vital to our health and aliveness that we forgive our parents, peers and ourselves, for all that judgment which we've accepted "willy nilly". It's a burden that can be cast aside now. I discovered that I really do love myself, warts and all! That is essential for all to grow spiritually; the bottom line to life is: love yourself, BE yourself and follow your bliss! Suffering is unnecessary baggage.

You sound very optimistic. Are you one of those "light and love feel goodies?"

L.B. White:
Hardly! I get very upset about many things going on in the world; for example, chemtrails! And, today in Iran, gay youth is hung by the neck in a noose, openly in public just for being gay. This is OUTRAGEOUS! Imagine going to the shopping mall, and finding two teenage boys hanging dead by the neck, for no apparent reason, other than being suspected for being gay. Love is love, and it matters little who loves who!

If we unite on anything at all, it seems this is a vital cause to bring into the open, into the light of day; that the Creator or "God", if you will, loves all of its creation, even the dark side, equally. There are no exceptions to this truth, because if it were otherwise, God would be judging Itself! That is simply not possible since God is literally "All That Is". We create judgment on this side of the veil, in our limited 3D awareness. This is changing exponentially, as people from all walks of life AWAKEN. We all awaken to the same truths; that all is One, and we are part of the same fabric of life. We cannot hate anyone else, or create PEACE using Violence and WAR, because we are hating and bombing our Selves. What we do to another we do to our Selves. There are no "others".

Avatars from the beginning of time have told us these simple truths, but we tend to ignore them, and remain in DENIAL about almost everything in order to justify our weaknesses. Part of the reason is that media today is controlled, and we don't really get the truth: that we are all Creators in Training, and our training wheels are about to be removed. However, I also realize that in order to change anything "out there" it all starts and ends within, with me. There really is nothing out there, but the mirror for us to see ourselves.

How clearly we view the mirror is a matter of choice. Some don't even know there IS a mirror. Also, everything happens for a reason, and I acknowledge that I am not capable of comprehending the really "big picture". That is a matter for God/Goddess/All That Is. Otherwise, all "answers" are already within us. We have but to listen.

Who are your Teachers or Gurus?

Our lives are our best Gurus; everything is right there under our noses, when we learn to listen to the "inner intuitive voice". Astrologically, we just entered the shift from masculine energies, which have ruled here for decades, to the feminine intuitive side. This will create many changes, and we see this reflected in our future leaders, though they are all cut from the same cloth. The two party system is a sham. It's a matter of who the "elite" choose to place (or remove) from power. Look at Kennedy and so on.

I chased after an esoteric school, a "Teacher", only to end up disillusioned when I discovered, after having left the school, that he had been seducing and blackmailing the male members (and their underage sons) into having sex with him. I never figured it out, though in retrospect it seems clear. He had everyone fooled, like most people in power who are hypocrites. Look at Larry Craig and others who are falling like flies in public restrooms and secret "trysts". This is a time of "revelations".

You write about your experience being a gay drug dealer to the "Party and Play" scene in the late 1990's to early 2000s. Why?

L.B. White:
I want to be an inspiration for others, who might feel "stuck" or that there's no way out. There was a time when I literally had to shoot up several times a day. Speed is an epidemic that's out of control, "off the hook", and it destroys many lives, sometimes through death. I've seen it all up close and personal. I also think it's important to know what a clever "Seductress" Tina is. I'll share a brief moment about my own beginnings.

I was living in the Portrero Hill District, in a tiny 200 square foot apartment when I first discovered Tina, speed, methamphetamine. I was in my late 40's, and hadn't realized how much "fun" sex could be. I figured, after having lived with HIV for about 18 years, that I'd be dead soon, so I was going to die with a (expletive removed) grin on my face! I decided to burn the candle at both ends, and everyone else's end too. As I rose in the ranks of dealers, by being honest, and just having fun, it seemed that one thing just led to another. Before I knew it, I was "the man" - in more ways than one.

I don't regret one moment of it, including the horrible times, and I wanted to shed light into one of the most closely guarded secrets of our own gay closet: drugs and the "PNP" scene. I want to "demystify" and not glorify what a dealer's life is like. I'd always been curious myself; though as a middle class gay white boy, never thought in a zillion years I'd end up doing it!

How was it? As Divine says in the movie, Female Trouble, "it was a wild ride…" which includes a lot of unusual experiences. Eventually, as I write in the book, I was warned by an angel that the party was coming to an end, which it did with my first arrest in 2001. It took five long years for all his "prophetic warnings" to come true, and I felt that there must be a reason I was going through so much hardship. While in jail, I had a "spiritual awakening", which was to be one of many. During that time, many things were revealed to me; one important message was that I was here to inspire others along the way. It wasn't necessary to actively pursue this path, but to simply be myself and Spirit would guide me. It has, and it does. I'm learning how to listen.

As long as we're consumed by desires, and sex is a powerful force, spirit cannot guide us effectively. Many nights without sleep, food and water contribute to a spiritual vacuum which sucks the life out of us faster than a Hoover or any trick could do. It also weakens the aura, and allows "entity attachments, on the psychic level.

You speak with an "urgency" and certainty about these things; why is that and where do you get your information?

L.B. White:
For the last four years, while I was writing my book, I was also doing research on the spiritual movement, focusing on "New Age" ideas. When I began doing the radio show, I was "primed", so to speak. It was like being a traveler on the road, exploring new lands, and wondering what was around the next bend. I've always been curious to know truth. Of course, that became a new "addiction", but I figured that it was a positive addiction, and that it was "OK" to swap it for my negative ones that were taking me nowhere.

So, I began asking people who I admired, who seemed to have respect in the spiritual community, to be on my show. One guest was Carl Johan Calleman, who lives in England and who is a foremost scholar on Mayan civilization. He believes the end of their calendar occurs in 2011, not 2012, and there's a bit of a "debate", to put it nicely, in scholarly circles. I've also had many on the show who have spoken about life after death. The most notable are Dannion Brinkley, who was hit by lightning twice, went through the tunnel of light, and was given messages to bring back. It turned out many were prophetic, and have come true. He also had heightened psychic abilities, and could heal people and read them.

Another was PMH Atwater, who wrote The Big Book Of Near Death Experiences.

I've had dozens of people on the show say the same basic thing: these are miraculous times. But the many will have great difficulty by clinging to the past. There will be nothing to cling to. And material wealth becomes obsolete. So, all that scrambling to have more possessions or better "lovers" than the next person, to feel secure about yourself, isn't going to cut it. That's all ego-driven and keeps us mired in illusion, in our own versions of Gay American Idol. We need to connect to our Authentic Selves and be truthful, have integrity, and begin loving all that is, starting with ourselves. You'd be startled to discover how many people hate themselves, or feel inadequate or bad. That's simply not true. We need to shine a light inside to see, and only we can light that candle.

The most startling was book was written by Helen Littrel, who has become a close friend. She wrote Raechel's Eyes. It's an autobiographical account, assisted with hypnotic regression, to discover that her daughter Marissa, who was almost blind, had a roommate who was an ET-earth hybrid. Raechel's "Dad" was an Air Force Colonel who had been allowed to adopt her, to see how she might integrate into our society. It's an amazing tale, and opened my eyes about many things that we usually "pooh pooh".

To get back to the Mayan Calendar: the reason why it's so important to "get the message out" that it's time for us to clean up our acts and align with our soul's purpose for being here, is because we're literally running out of time. This is 2008, and energetically we're in the 5th Night which lasts from November 19th, 2007 to November 2008. It's not "chance" that is also the year of political elections. This is an accelerated time for humanity, and is our darkest hour. Calleman predicts, as do many others, there will be a global financial collapse before the end of the year, and many other disturbing events will come to the fore. We can't deal with what's coming, what's really here now, if we're partying and playing. This is not "business as usual".

There are very few gay spokespersons who are sharing this information freely. It's a disservice, in a way, but I'm trying to get the word out. If you feel like you may be on the wrong track, or are not following your dreams, it's time to make changes. And for those who have difficulty "buying" the idea that there might be major changes on the horizon, that's fine; it's still wise to change in a positive direction because it allows us to live our dreams, in alignment with our soul's purpose for coming here.

From an early age you seem to have been on a spiritual quest. What have you discovered?

L.B. White:
I joined an "esoteric school" in the mid-1970's, studying the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky. They were all about raising consciousness and being present. This was long before the "New Age" movement, which is rapidly becoming an "old age" movement! The Teacher of the school was worshiped by all, but when he gave me a "personal task" of not having sex with any of the male students, that brought up all my issues: Why should being attracted to my own sex, inhibit spiritual growth? Rather than figuring it out while in the school, I chose to leave and sink into an alcoholic depression, living the life of a perfect fag: two gay alcoholic roommates, copper pots, and a buffed Queen going to the gym every day. It was one of many "bumps in the night", or I should say moments of UNclarity, in which I had to hit my head against a brick wall.

What I've discovered is that as members of the gay family, as well as any who have been "rejected" by society, we have chosen our paths prior to incarnating, hardships and all, for the enormous spiritual benefit. Gay folks are far more balanced in the left male "logical" side of the brain, and the right feminine "intuitive" side. Once that connection is made, we close an internal circuit, which awakens us to higher intuitive awareness. I feel this is an advantage today, during these energetically shifting times. Most gays are actually more balanced, which could put us a nanosecond ahead of the pack.

You write about the coming Shift in Consciousness, and connect that to Mayan and other ancient prophecies. Tell us more.

L.B. White:
We're in "the Shift" right NOW! There are numerous "cosmic cycles" coming to an end simultaneously, some that have lasted billions of years. It's like an enormous clock ticking to midnight, or like an odometer turning over to ZERO, and they all end at the same moment when the planets align and we tip into another dimension. This has happened many times over the 4.5 billion years our loving planet has hosted humanity and races from other worlds. How do you think mankind got here in the first place? The moment this happens is well known: December 21, 2012. Many people think it's the "end of the world", but the Mayans and others, such as Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, the Sumerians, the Hopi Indians, the Hindu Vedas, Biblical "Revelations", and others alive today, all agree this is a significant turning point for humanity.

People refer to the Mayan calendar, which was not really one calendar, but numerous cosmic clocks, like wheels, each one with its own distinct time and "flavor". According to the Mayans, and I'll boil this down to the simplest terms, we are now at the end of a 13,000 year recurring cycle which is a time of the greatest darkness on the planet, or "disconnect from spirit", as well as the time of rejuvenation, or the Golden Age. The Hindus also believe in many "ages" of mankind. We are at the end of the age, when mankind has an unprecedented opportunity to be transformed. This is the result, as in other times such as Atlantis, Lemuria and Noah, of a shift from 3rd density or dimension into the 4th, 5th and higher.

It is a time of great CHAOS and rebirth. "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a BUMPY night!" Bette Davis.

To what do you attribute your longevity with HIV/AIDS, and do you take meds?

L.B. White:
Good question! Well, the real answer is that I'm here because my time isn't "up" yet, and I have unfinished business. I firmly believe in a loving Creator, who does not judge or micromanage our lives. It may seem as if it is outside of us, but experience has demonstrated, and spiritual teachers all agree, that Spirit/God is within each of us, and we are "in it". It's a cosmic paradox. I think we have greater access to our own soul, or spirit, and the Higher Self which is the higher manifestation of the many souls which comprise "us", outside of time and space. We are really multidimensional beings of light.

As for meds, I flushed my AZT down the toilet in the 1980's, and didn't take any meds again until about three years ago. I attribute having listened to my own body, which told me I was dying from the AZT, and in a moment of clarity I thought, "If this is what life is like, I'd rather be dead." I didn't die, however, much to my surprise. In fact, I immediately began to feel MUCH better, and more alive. It would be another 20 years or so before I looked at taking meds again. I'm now on one of the HIV "cocktails", but it's definitely not as much fun as a martini!

When I kept on living, year after year after year - in spite of my debauchery, alcoholism, car accidents, overdoses and shooting up speed, I finally got the brick in the head: I'm here for a reason! I may not know the reason(s), but I know that's how it works here. I've also learned that many souls and higher beings have incarnated on earth at this time to assist with the transition or Shift, which we are in now. The Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children are one example of higher beings choosing to assist "the older folks" with their wisdom and grace. Many reading this now are probably Indigo or Crystal kids.

Everything is a matter of choice, including how fast we awaken to our own inner truth. It's all perfectly timed to the nanosecond, and we cannot leave before our time, nor can we extend it beyond our own choices. We're born, and we die. What we do in between is our own doing; might as well do the very best we can.

Why do you think we're here?

L.B. White:
Discovering our soul's purpose for being here is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Earth is a great, living and loving school for soul growth into love and compassion. It begins with taking responsibility for our lives, and not pretending to be victims, which is one of the acts we enjoy. It's our dirty little secret, and part of the denial of spirit, which keeps us playing small. In truth, we are great beings of light and love, eternal and infinite, and we are all One Family. That is the "bottom line" to all the prophecies which speak about the same moments in time. They are all one prophecy, many interpretations. Our beliefs color our lives, and they actually create the very fabric of life. Change the belief and everything "outside" shifts. It has to.

I believe that everyone who is here today on the planet, is here by choice. The reason we are so over populated is because many souls have and are incarnating to experience and assist with the dramatic shift in consciousness and dimension, the influx of Divine Energies, which may happen at any moment. And it will happen seemingly in the "twinkling of an eye". Some think that "one person will be standing, and another will disappear. I believe we are all part of a larger body of light beings, which will merge into a Higher Body, and be raised or lifted cosmically, to the highest level we can achieve. It all depends upon our own vibration. It's not whimsical, and each soul is unique and retains its own "flavor".

We are not our bodies, our senses, our "roles", our sexuality or anything else of the senses. We are spirit having a human experience. Everything we do is recorded Holographically in the Akashic Records, and we get to play it all back from 3 different perspectives when we cross over: our own, everyone we've hurt or helped, and an "omniscient" overview, all without judgment, just "what's so", as it really is. The feelings we've felt, and those of everyone else we've affected, we get to experience. So, literally nothing is concealed, and in that sense we get to see how we might have done "better".

Absolutely nothing is hidden or concealed. We live our lives as if we are all separate, hiding our own acts, thoughts and emotions. But nothing is concealed in the end. Once we wake up to this fact, it changes everything. We begin to live life from the perspective of our "legacy" of heart, love and compassion, knowing it will all be experienced by us on the "other side".

In your book, you talk about some of the guests on your radio show. How did that come about?

L.B. White:
A little over two years ago, someone wrote me an email asking if I'd like to host my own radio show. It turned out to be Don Newsom, the owner of BBS Radio. I thought about it for a day, and decided it would be nuts not to give it a try, so I said "yes". My life has never been the same. It was definitely a turning point. For one thing, I was deeply involved with research into all the "new age" concepts floating around, quantum physics, prophecy and so on. I was fortunate in being able to get Jean-Claude Koven, who wrote a marvelous fictional book called Going Deeper, as my first real guest. From there, it seemed like one door after another magically opened.

Since, I've had some of the most famous spiritual "heavyweights" on my show, sharing their experiences. Let me tell you, it's "eye opening". There's a LOT more going on in this little old world than we permit ourselves to experience - or even know about. My show is about raising awareness and consciousness, and we all participate together: me, guest, and listener as one. I can actually "feel" the energies over the air; it's captured in the shows.

I'm not a big self-promoter, so I'm not going to open Pandora's Box. I'll just say that for those who are curious, my show is called A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic, and it airs at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] live and free each Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. pst. (California time). I think this is a good place to segue out of the interview. I appreciate the opportunity to share myself in this way. Thank you.

Thank you, and best of luck on the book!

L.B White is a long-term survivor of AIDS, with over 24 years, against all odds. He is retired and lives in Placerville with his Jack Russell Terrier. He writes and does a weekly New Age radio show, A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]. His new book, Tales of a Zany Mystic, is available at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ].

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