Q & A on the Atomic Correction, "Op Divine Strake" and FIRST CONTACT *LINK*

Q & A on the Atomic Correction, "Op Divine Strake" and FIRST CONTACT *LINK*
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THE RETURN OF LIGHT - Revelations from the Creator God HERU

June 15, 2006
by Elora Gabriel


In these updates, we have referred to the fact that Prime Creator expresses Himself/Herself in a myriad of different ways. There are levels and levels of God, from the personal, human-appearing “God Forms” such as Andromon (who heads the Council for the Restoration of the Dark Sector) all the way up to the Absolute, which is God in unmanifest form. We believe that we have now encountered the ultimate in the personalized _expression of God—THE Prime Creator.

On separate occasions, Shakura and I were each taken in consciousness to the center of the Godverse, which is the ultimate dwelling place of Prime Creator—though of course Creator is not limited to the Godverse. We each met, there, the One who resides at the center of the great lotus. Shakura saw a being in human form who later dissolved into pure, brilliant light. I saw only the light, but at one point a hand came out of that light and held mine. The light and power were indescribable, as was the sense of love. Afterwards I went to Chapter One of The Return of Light and re-read Heru’s words:

“My eyes may see what yours do not, and that is the direct vision of the wondrous nature of our beloved Creator. This is a being without beginning or end, formless and yet formed at the same time, wondrous to look upon, brighter than all of the suns put together. And not only the brightness but the purity of that light is incredible to behold. Out of Creator streams limitless light, streams infinite energy, streams the very space upon which matter hangs.”

It is our understanding that the frequency fences which once surrounded the dark sector have now fallen to the extent that direct contact is now possible with the ultimate Prime Creator, whom we call God Most High. We have made personal requests to, and worked directly with God Most High, and we have had some amazing results. I have been dealing with a very difficult pathogen problem, for example, that has not yielded to most of the techniques we’ve shared. However, on several occasions I simply asked God Most High to dissolve them, and they were gone in a matter of minutes.

If you would like to connect with God Most High, you may wish to call upon one of the Firstborn, such as El Munyo Ray, to facilitate and guide the initial connection. For those who travel on the inner planes, a word of caution—after sitting more or less in front of this being for five or ten minutes, I felt as though my energy body had started to disintegrate from the intensity of light, so I had to move further back and was not able to stay long. As with so many other things, this is only the beginning. As our ability to connect and work with God Most High increases, the only limiting factor will be our imaginations—and very likely even they will be surpassed.


[This conversation occurred on June 14, 2006. We asked on of the aspects of Prime Creator to be on hand for this conversation, and he answered some of our questions directly.]

Greetings, Heru. What is the status of the dark, fallen, and tainted beings still at large in the dark sector? We understood that there had been a huge clean-up, but John told me last night that his clients were getting viciously attacked.

There was quite a clean up but it did not get everything. There are a lot of places where they are hiding. It’s like they’re squeezed into the third dimension and so as someone gets knocked off—say for example when the dark being that had been attached to a person’s higher dimensional aspect for many centuries was removed—they would find another that has been squeezed into the lower dimensions [i.e. first, second, third, and dense physical] to replace it.

Is it possible yet to have God Most High remove darkness from humans on the dense physical?

Prime Creator says he doesn’t feel it is yet possible. Not enough of the light can get through to the dense physical.

Please give us a general update on the state of the work that is being done to rescue our planet.

Prime Creator would like to speak directly.

PRIME CREATOR: This process, of course, is more lengthy and more entangled than we had originally anticipated but we do feel that good progress is being made. Can you pose some specific questions?

Here’s a reader question. It is directed to Heru but really involves all the higher light beings: Could you ask God Heru for an update on the current situation of Earth? Does Heru see clear now through the remaining layers of darkness? Does He see the desperate situation of millions of people worldwide and down to many local communities? Can He now see the devastation caused by war, famine, drugs and corruption?

Yes, and that is one of the effects of the atomic correction that is happening—that we are now beginning to be able to see, not everything and not everywhere but we are seeing more every day.

Most of all, can He petition the extraterrestrial light forces to make themselves known on our 3D level sooner if they are to do so?

The positive ET’s have already been petitioned. They are in place and they are just waiting for the right time. I cannot say any more than that, other than that word that you all hate—soon. Soon.

This reader continues: I am fine and I am so thankful to have access to your healing tools and information, but many other people are subjected to the pressure from their appalling human conditions and from the attempts/attacks of darkness, and are isolated from the healing process of Light and don't know what's going on. Can He find ways to inform everybody alike?

I believe a few more steps have to happen before that can begin to unfold. It has to, for that is a prerequisite for the liberation of humanity—liberating the flow of information, liberating knowledge, liberating consciousness and having that free flowing dialogue with the upper dimensions, with the ultra terrestrials, angels, God Forms, what have you. It is totally necessary for that to happen. Some of our plans for that are classified and some of how it will unfold is unknown. So I can’t really project specifics into the future as to the whens and the hows, only that it must take place.

Another reader question: Some time ago, Heru mentioned that some of the God Warriors “are still in the process of tunneling from the third dimension into the dense physical, and it is our belief that once they get to the core of the Earth and begin this generation process that they will be fully on the dense physical. I cannot guarantee that but this is our definite idea and hope.”

I was wondering, are they currently in the dense physical, in the core of the Earth, or are they still in a frequency band outside of the dense physical, where they would be invisible to us?

The second. We still have not cracked that problem.

And is the atomic correction they have been generating having an influence on the dense physical matter of our world? Will they be able to achieve this atomic correction?

It is having some effect, and as I said it is having the effect of giving us greater visual access to the workings of this planet. It is a big event that they are in place, even though they haven’t had as much of an effect as we had hoped. Even though they have not broken through to the dense physical, their being in that place gives us a platform from which to perhaps launch a new initiative. And I would welcome all of your input as to the kind of initiative that we will take from the position of being in place at the center of the Earth close to the dense physical, just outside the dense physical. So for all of you and the public as well, please be thinking about ways in which the next stage can be launched and who it would involve. And for all of the readers, rather than bombard Elora with a hundred emails, if you would just directly direct your thoughts to me, I will be listening for them.

[At this point in the discussion, I suggested that we get some of our best seers together and ask them to take a look at the atoms in the dense physical. We requested that these seers examine the atoms in the dense physical and see whether they have changed for the better. The seers all agreed that the atoms in the dense physical are now almost 19% lighter than they were previously.]

This reader continues: So, would the key be having as much humans as possible breathing and anchoring this atomic correction energy into our world, as anchor points into the dense physical?

Interesting idea. I would have to create something that people could call into themselves to anchor it, so let me work on that.

Question from Shakura: This morning I mentioned something to you that I was seeing. It looked as if the bonds of Earth were releasing, as if gravity was releasing. Did something happen?

I’m looking for words to describe it. It’s almost as if a part of Gaia was shackled and those shackles fell away, and at the same time it’s almost as if some old karmic bonds and ropes and such were cast aside. So yes, that is significant.


Heru, here is a good question from a reader: The assertions in Michael Salla’s article of such contemporary importance and implication that, in the interest of “consistency testing”, I am asking you include this question in your periodic updates for your readers. [An excerpt from this article states: “There was a very significant announcement on May 25 concerning 'Divine Strake', the Pentagon's plan to test a massive 'conventional' bomb in Nevada that would have generated a mushroom cloud. After having been initially delayed from June 2 to June 23, 'Divine Strake' has now been indefinitely postponed.”]

Please discuss the extent to which:
… this test would directly play into imminent major military aggression against Iran or other countries

It has slowed down or stopped the initiative towards first strike with Iran.

… this test would influence an explosive nuclear weapons release against Iran or other surrounding countries (this is an important distinction from the recent and decade-long release of extensive quantities of depleted uranium – merely another form of radioactive/nuclear warfare aimed at destroying the resident population)

Yes, that will not happen.

… ET/higher consciousness intervention played a role in postponing and/or stopping this test

That is classified. All I can tell you is that it did play a role. Any details I cannot discuss.

… the postponement of this “test” in Nevada by the military in turn influenced ET/higher consciousness intervention in preventing the recent comet fragments from causing significant impact damage

I don’t see that they were going to impact Earth, ever. I know there was some talk about it. I think if the dark forces had still been more entrenched it would have been far more likely that they would have tried to steer it here.

And if indeed there was a “higher level” intervention, whether the forces that caused such influence of human military actions were primarily due to ET liaisons or a higher less physical level of intervention.

I would say certainly both. Yes, there are ET’s who are of the light that have definitely made their presence and their demands and their parameters known to the people in power on this planet, basically drawing lines and saying: you will not step further than this. And they have proven their effectiveness and their seriousness in making sure that those lines are not crossed.

A question from our friend Reggie: If the mass landing of friendly ET’s is heading this way as Prime Creator noted, how will we know the difference between reverse engineered landings by those who attempt to continue their hold on power, and those friendly ET’s who literally come here to help as the Star Trek's "First Contact" movie illustrated so nicely?

Those beings that inspire fear would more than likely be back engineered government official Illuminati ships, and those that come in peace and in light will be of the light. I think it will be pretty apparent.

You don’t feel that the darker ones will disguise themselves in light and fool people? If a hundred ships land someplace and they haven’t done anything yet, how would we know?

In that case you may not know. But I would say with the beings of light, that their peaceful vibration will precede them.

Are there enough negative ET’s still around, after all these cleanups, to really make a public landing? Aren’t they being gone after too?

Eventually, yes, but I still think they have their ways of evading what should be catching them. So I think there are still quite a few negative ET’s around—not nearly as many as there were, but they’re still here.

Sheldan Nidle discussed the First Contact a lot. It was supposed to happen in 1996.

And it should have happened back in ’96. The dark has been able to delay and delay and delay.

Was there an ongoing expectation that at any time the Omniversal Energy could come in with the Light Warriors and all?

It’s been more that we would try and then sort of regroup, and then again try and regroup, so yes.

And what enabled this to finally happen?

It was the Omniversal Energy that opened things up. It was that wave which happened in 2003 that somehow penetrated, and it may take another wave of that magnitude and penetrating quality to penetrate the dense physical.

Could we petition God Most High for this to happen?

Yes. And I would say let’s go for it.

So we’re asking for something like the Omniversal Energy?

For a wave similar to that first blast of energy in September 2003 that made it through into the dense physical—to have another wave similar to that but amplified many times to really change everything.

Did you just say that the wave in 2003 penetrated the dense physical?

A little bit, but that small bit had a big effect.

Was that wave the Omniversal Energy?

It was the Omniversal Energy. Embedded in the Omniversal Energy were many programs and beings, the Light Warriors and so on. Prime Creator just asked for people to petition and make suggestions and this is mine: that a petition be put forth to God Most High, to launch another wave of energy on that scale but greater and with greater penetrating qualities. And I think with the amount of breakdown of frequency fences and the atomic correction generators in place it will have a much greater effect. We’re still, in a sense, processing and unfolding that wave of energy that came in 2003, so I think if we have a bigger one it will have a great effect.

Then let’s do this now.

I will state the request, and I would like this released. Beloved Creator, God Most High, the four of us together today—myself, Shakura, Elora, and Karen, come together with a sincere petition: to ask that you bring a wave of energy similar to the blast of energy that you created and that hit the Earth in September of 2003, the Omniversal Energy. We ask that this be seven times stronger, with seven times the penetrating ability, and seven times the layers of embedded beings that you gifted this sector with—seven times that as well. And we ask if it is possible that this surge of energy reach this planet within three weeks, making it early July. Let us actually put in for the first of July as that will begin the holiday weekend. It is time for the change to begin to happen for the dense physical, to really begin to loosen its bonds, loosen the constraints that keep it so dense. And so, Prime Creator, we ask not for ourselves but for the liberation of this Earth, for this to happen and for it to happen in the most gentle way possible, but deep and penetrating all the way through. And I would add to that, for this new wave of energy to have the dissolving quality that has been worked with recently, that as it penetrates for it to dissolve all the dark beings that have hidden themselves in the dense physical and the lower dimensions.

Let us also ask that this wave affect all dimensions and in between the dimensions, all space and time, all the parallels and their parallels. That it should also dissolve entrenched thought forms, darkness, including darkness in humans in the dense physical, hardened hearts, and programs.

Yes. And so now we release this request to beloved Creator, God Most High. So be it.


Below are some interesting and inspiring letters from our readers.

* * * * *

A couple of years ago, several of us shared space ship information on the earthrainbownetwork newsletter, and I received some interesting personal e-mails as a result of that. I'm now again wondering if anyone else perceived what I did this last week. On the morning of May 19 [2006], at the end of a dream I heard footsteps, then a beautiful woman's voice saying “Sky? Sky.” I woke up and looked out the window and saw only gray fog. I went back to sleep and when I awoke again, I looked out and the sky was blue, and I felt the same space ship energy, filled with love, that I've experienced several times in the past. My main guide, Yogananda, told me the sky was filled with ships. The wonderful light energy stayed with me all day long and moved into my body. I didn't perceive them visually with the inner eye as I have on other occasions, but I could see and feel their presence and had a sense of communication with them. This is in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm wondering if anyone else had any similar experience and would like to share it. My impression was that this occurred over the whole planet, and my feeling is that it's a preparation for First Contact. The energy of it was quite strong.

* * * * *

This morning, in my TM-Sidhi program, I had an experience that I have not had before in 30 years of (mostly) daily practice. It is so unusual that I just had to tell you. It feels really good!

On Polestar to me resonates as the "navel", or source connection, of our solar system or galaxy to the whole universe. I am used to feeling a connection with an area of the cosmos and perhaps seeing the Polestar in a distant view with the inner eye. Even if I have had that experience before, each and every time I have a clear experience, it is a joy, an upliftment, and a universal connection getting stronger. The experience is not always the same, but even when it is similar to a previous experience, it is new and fresh and alive.

Well, this time, it was as if I was A LOT CLOSER to the Polestar, like the difference between seeing a star out in space on an ordinary night vs. seeing the Sun! From a dot in the distant sky to a globe in the near sky! It was as if the energy pouring into our solar system is now amped up hugely! It was pure white light pouring in! (Not yellow like the Sun's is depicted) It was like seeing/feeling a locomotive coming at me inside a tunnel! (Plow me down, Light, that's just fine!)

It really felt, and I knew, that we are MUCH CLOSER to where we need to be!

It goes along with the news that I follow daily (that you may too), on the A&A Report ([ OLD LINK REMOVED ], click on A&A Report, start 1/2 way down the page) last night, that Fitzgerald has filed "Sealed vs. Sealed" and this indictment is sealed because related investigations are still going on. Hurrah!

That seems to put us that much closer to our desired shift! It all seems connected!

* * * * *

I just want to keep in touch and tell you of a healing experience I had yesterday while re-reading The Return of Light recent updates. I believe I mentioned somewhere along the way that I recently had knee surgery. I'm a dog walker, and am having to be especially careful now on one walk where I need to go up a hill on a curving road. Yesterday I heard a truck coming, and in an effort to move to the side of the road, I forgot that I can't move fast yet, and I fell down. The fall apparently caused no problem to my recovering knee, but it threw my body out a bit, and I noticed that my neck was a little bit out of alignment, causing squeezing on my eyes, and double vision. While I was re-reading some of the success stories in your updates, I asked if there was any one of these healing gifts/tools that could be used for this problem. An invisible hand started moving my left shoulder, the off balance side, back and forth and in a short while, not more than two minutes, I'm sure, everything relaxed, the pressure was off my neck and my eyesight was normal. Later I asked who that was, and was told it was Heru.


Lastly, for those who have been following our healing techniques, a few more ideas for those dealing with pathogens. One technique is to ask your guides to not only pressurize but electrify the God Water. This is somewhat harsh on the subtle bodies, but is effective for very stubborn pathogens. It might work for Lyme’s Disease. After doing the electrification, it’s a good idea to have your guides then program the water to heal and soothe the subtle bodies. Another method is to ask that a combination of two very fine screens be run through your entire subtle anatomy, including your filaments. One of the screens is just a very fine mesh, and the other one is a specific kind of screen that removes darkness. The darkness-removing screen is energetically painful, but effective.

Another thing that Heru recommended was to go after the “astral body” of any pathogen that we were having trouble with. He commented:

“Say you had some kind of bacteria in your intestines or blood. Instead of trying to go after the individual bacteria, you would identify the supporting large overall body, the overlighting body of that pathogen, and go after the big thing.”

These “astral bodies” of pathogens are generally huge, blobby looking things and are to be found on the fourth dimension, sometimes higher as well. The best way to deal with them is to have the Light Warriors or God Warriors incinerate them.

On one occasion, I had practiced some of these techniques but still did not feel well. El Munyo Ray stated:

What happened was the living pathogens were removed but the underlying structure was not. Until the karmic structure is removed, the structure will still be in place for those illnesses to be there. It can be removed a thousand and one times and it will come back a thousand and two times until this is changed, so getting to the karmic structure is of vital importance in healing. We have requested of Heru the building of Karmic Removal Chambers, and this will be a key piece of work in moving forward in healing for all people.

And in going into such a chamber, can one make a specific request—for example, to remove the karmic structure of an illness?


Can you explain what these karmic structures are? Are these karmic debts?

The way I see it is that it just looks like a grid or latticework of a sort of gray stony substance. They are intersecting lines that feel like stone, and that limit a person in what they can do or be. They seem to hold in place either illness or situations, relationships, that kind of thing. It’s not so much that you owe a karmic debt or have outstanding karma. This is somehow different. This is almost like the foundation of entrapment—the way that the dark has structured this entrapment to keep people from being free—that even when they have no outstanding karmic debt to pay, they are still not able to extricate themselves and liberate themselves.

So everyone must have this kind of thing, and have it for things like health, money, love, and so on.

Money, relationships, place of living (people oftentimes will get trapped in a place that is energetically wrong for them to live in), trapped in bad relationships, trapped in poverty, trapped in ill health. And just trapped in bad consciousness.

[Elora: The Karmic Removal Chambers are now available for anyone to use. As with the other Healing Chambers, just ask your guides to place you in the chamber and monitor it while you are there. This can be done during sleep. You can make specific requests for the removal of karmic structures relating to any condition in your life. For something like an entrenched illness, as many as ten sessions may be needed.]

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for these updates to make sense, we strongly recommend that you first read The Return of Light, and then read the updates on our website in the order in which they were received—i.e. the earlier updates first. Each set of updates builds upon the last.

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