P.S. Re: Yes! I too have been -

P.S. Re: Yes! I too have been -
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007 08:18 pm

: I think I see a COMPROMISE in the works. I just re: your post, and with
: the headline at least (which is all that is important here by now),
: you still get the last word, and yet we continue to see if the
: headline will eventually be plastered to the right, letter-by-letter.

I\'m not sure, but that might read better as \"and yet we [will] continue to see.

No....no...it\'s okay the way it was.

Speaking of which, I do not understand how this CNN excerpt typifies dangling prepositions (which are actually okay to have). Dangling prepositions are okay to end sentences with. It was only John Dryden\'s \"gripe\" that sentences shouldn\'t end with dangling prepositions like of, for, and with. Winston Churchill and Mark Twain both mocked Dryden\'s regulation, something they can both be proud of.