p.s. re: Nevyn & UC-Berkeley

p.s. re: Nevyn & UC-Berkeley
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Monday, November 28, 2005 09:08 pm

: \"the act of observing a quantum phenomenon changes the phenomenon
: itself.\"

Interesting, that was the subject of my Dad\'s Master\'s thesis at UC-
Berkeley in 1964. I mean, EXACTLY.

Nevertheless, that truism doesn\'t address my complaint. Zazz (and some others around cyberspace) keep suggesting that studying news of disasters, analyzing it, even sometimes predicting it, these are helping cause the disasters (which in most cases already happened).

That is a hateful and ungrateful allegation, indeed hatched in a dark corner of the dark ages (\"don\'t think, just believe!\"), and I\'m disappointed if you continue to believe I\'m concerned with something else.