‘Project SERPO’ mission to visitors’ home planet described in detail *LINK*

‘Project SERPO’ mission to visitors’ home planet described in detail *LINK*
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Thursday, December 29, 2005 03:02 pm

‘Project SERPO’ mission to visitors’ home planet described in detail

By Steve Hammons

December 16, 2005

Reports and rumors have been floating around for decades that contact between the U.S. Government and beings from another planet, or other planets, has been established.

These stories include information about government acquisition of advanced technologies, greater scientific knowledge and other important assets. Some people claim that top secret organizations and agencies were created to coordinate these sensitive operations.

Now, reports have surfaced about an alleged U.S. Government military effort called “Project SERPO.” This program allegedly selected and trained a joint-service military team to accompany friendly “visitors” from another planet back to their home for a planned ten-year stay, conducting a wide range of scientific research.

On the newly-developed Web site serpo.org, this alleged project is explained and the Web site itself is described as “the gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelveU.S. military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78.”

Movies, books, TV programs and other media platforms have been used to comment on UFOs and these kinds of ideas over the years. Some of us may think these concepts are based on actual facts. Some may feel that think these ideas might possibly be based on realities. Some of us seem to think they are probably not at all accurate and are simply creative storytelling and wishful thinking.

According to Bill Ryan, a UFO researcher and coordinator of the serpo.org Web site, early last month, an interesting source came to his attention and to the attention of his associates. Ryan says “a retired senior official” within the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), who requested to not be named at this time, stated that he represented a group of six current and former DIA officials. These sources began providing information to Ryan and his colleagues on November 2 and have continued through December.

Ryan states on the Web site that he considers the possibilities that the information presented is not true, is partially true, is completely true or some combination of these. He explains that other “insiders” have previously reported on a project such as this and seem to believe that the information is possibly accurate.

In fact, he mentions a discussion he learned about between an active duty Air Force lieutenant colonel and a retired Air Force intelligence colonel. The younger man had been following the alleged Project SERPO information being released and wanted to bounce it off the senior officer. In person, he provided the retired colonel with the written material.

”After he was finished, he stated, ‘Oh my God, who on this Earth would release such classified material?’ I then asked him if all this information was real. His simple answer was, ‘yes, all real.’ I then asked the colonel if he had been involved with this project. He said, yes, he was involved in the communications aspect of this operation from about 1961 until 1965. He was also on the debriefing team. He wouldn\'t provide too much information, saying that unless he saw that all information was declassified, he could not comment on details. I thanked him and left.”


“First let me introduce myself. My name is Request Anonymous. I am a retired employee of the U.S. Government. I won\'t go into any great details about my past, but I was involved in a special program.”

Thus apparently began the recounting of a very interesting series of reports on alleged events involving visitors from another planet and their contact with the United States Government.

“Anonymous” stated that there were two crash sites in New Mexico near Roswell. One crash was near Corona and the other near Datil. The first was discovered in 1947 and the second not until 1949. A crash survivor was found near the Corona crash. Other occupants apparently did not survive. However, their bodies were recovered, he says. The craft were eventually taken to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio (now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base).

The surviving “visitor” was housed on U.S. Government facilities and lived until 1952, Anonymous states. Using communication equipment from the craft, the visitor was able to, and allowed to, make contact with his home planet.

Anonymous claims that by 1962, an “exchange program” was developed between the U.S. and the visitors. A twelve-person, joint-service military team of ten men and two women were selected from a large pool of candidates. Special training programs were developed for them. (Of interest, U.S. Army Special Forces teams typically consist of twelve men. This has been found to be an optimal team size in some ways for certain operations.)

Then, in July 1965, at the Nevada Test Site, the visitors landed, the twelve Americans boarded the spacecraft and departed for a planned ten-year stay with the visitors.

The Americans returned in 1978. That is, eight returned alive along with the bodies of two who died on the visitors’ planet, according to Anonymous. Two others chose to remain there. All of those who returned alive have since passed on, he says.


Anonymous states that there was a rigorous selection and training process for the team members. Their military backgrounds, psychological profiles and other aspects of fitness for the mission were taken into consideration. He states that over 56,000 people were initially considered, and this was whittled down to the final twelve, with some back-ups if needed.

He says they went through many months of training that included various scientific disciplines, military skills and other needed preparedness. The training took place at several military installations and sites inside and outside of the U.S.

The team was “sheep-dipped,” intelligence community lingo for bringing them into a clandestine, covert, “black” operating modality. And, in this case, attempting to coordinate explanations for a ten-year absence from family, friends and associates.

Anonymous claims 90,500 pounds of equipment, food and supplies were taken with them when they departed with the visitors onboard one of their larger spacecraft. The trip took nine months to reach the planet Serpo.


Anonymous says detailed reports from our team reveal a huge amount of information about the visitors and their home planet. He states the planet lies within a solar system of the Zeta Recticular Star System, two yellow double stars, similar to our Sun. The atmosphere was similar to Earth’s, he says.

The team took several months to adjust. There was strong radiation on the planet and the temperature was hot – between 94 and 115 degrees. However, in the planet’s northern hemisphere, the temperature ranged from about 55 to 80 degrees. The climate was generally quite dry.

The U.S. team studied the “Eben” society and lived among them. They learned that the Eben civilization was approximately 10,000 years old and had evolved on another planet.

In many ways, the Eben culture was similar to our own, with leaders, communities, family life of male and female couples with children, occupations, music, games and worship of a Supreme Being. Anonymous states they had advanced and effective technologies, though the American team did not understand all of it.

The Ebens were friendly and caring toward the Americans. Communication between the human team members and Ebens was often difficult, though both groups learned some of the others’ language. Some individuals of both groups were better at it than others, Anonymous states. Hand signs were also used as well as translation devices that had limited capabilities.

When the two Americans died on Serpo, the Ebens offered medical services and demonstrated sadness. Ebens attended the burial ceremonies that the humans held.

The U.S. team explored the planet as much as possible, examined the animal and plant life as well as the climate, geology, geography, physics and other areas of interest.


If the information revealed by Anonymous and his associates has truth to it, this would seem to be signal that responsible people now feel that further disclosure about such matters is appropriate at this time.

Some UFO researchers have indicated that a plan of gradual release of information about these issues, within the U.S. and internationally, has been ongoing for decades using various public media platforms of open source intelligence (OSINT).

The purpose of a gradual disclosure of some information about this area has allegedly been to carefully analyze various risk factors and maintain proper security of sensitive intelligence.

At the same time, some investigators have said that there is a range of opinion among experts and insiders on these kinds of projects about what kind and how much information, if any at all, should be disclosed to the general public. However, the gradual preparation of human society about these alleged discoveries seems to have proceeded, according to some researchers.

In light of the Project SERPO story, some people are taking a second look at Steven Spielberg’s movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” In that film, a coordinated meeting took place with extraterrestrial visitors. Then, a twelve-person team, ten men and two women, went with the visitors. Spielberg reportedly had advisors and consultants on the film who provided him with insight on these subjects.

Anonymous says he and his team are planning to release more information about Project SERPO. Many in the U.S. and around the world will surely continue to analyze these reports carefully and try to determine if they are accurate, a psychological operation (PSYOP) for some purpose, some kind of deceptive disinformation or a creative work of fiction.

Maybe we’ll find out if Anonymous and his friends are right – that Americans and humankind are ready for this kind of knowledge.