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Monday, June 04, 2007 (All day)

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: Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2007 9:13 PM
: Subject: The Fire Moon ~Celia Fenn--June-Sacred Union

: The Goddess is arriving in All Her Glory.
: A Bursting Heart Graced Eternally
: p.s. If you haven\'t listened to the Dolphin
: at the link below please give it a shot.
: A most amazing energy transfer took place for me
: & other friends. Send these energies to everyone as you listen.
: It may take a few minutes before the show gets underway
: just a tune to the Dolphin\'s Love with your own.
: Mar 24, 2007 Buch XOI the dolphin live on The Don and Wynn Show -
: This is an amazing demonstration of dolphin energy and wisdom. Be
: prepared to smile

: Celia Fenn--June-Sacred Union*

: Dearest Lightworkers, after the intense focus on the Divine
: Masculine energies in April and May, the energy of the Divine
: Feminine once again becomes felt in your lives. This begins with the
: intense Fire Moon at the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 1st of
: June, and culminates with the celebration of the Triple Goddess
: energy at the mid-year Solstice on 21st June 2007 ( 3-6-9).

: Indeed, this it time to celebrate, for the Divine Feminine energies
: are now fully returned to Planet Earth, and are flowing through the
: new crystalline grids. They have been balanced with the Divine
: Masculine. Harmony and Balance is achieved as this cycle comes to
: its completion in September at the 9-9-9 energy harmonic (9th, 18th
: and 27th September 2007.)

: The Archetypal energy of the \"Triple Goddess\", represented by
: the
: numbers 3 -6-9, has been rebirthed and renewed as the Great Mother
: aspect of the Divine Source energy re-establishes its presence on
: Earth. In the old energy traditions, she was known as the \"virgin,
: mother and crone\". But we find a new vitality and power in her
: manifestation. If you go to that ancient set of archetypal keys
: called the tarot, you will find that the images that correlate with
: the numbers 3, 6 and 9 are called \"The Empress\", \"The
: Lovers\",
: and \"The Hermit\". These symbols represent Material Abundance
: and
: Beauty; Passion, both erotic and creative; and Inner Wisdom through
: experience and contemplation. Indeed, this is the true essence of
: the power of the Divine Feminine in your New Earth energies. It is
: to assist you to create an abundant life, with deep passion and from
: an alignment with your inner wisdom, as spoken to you by the voice
: of your Heart.

: And, with the re-alignment of the Goddess energy in your lives, you
: also experience the blessings of the two powerful Goddess Feminine
: Rays or \"Flames\", expressed as color energies or frequencies.
: Firstly, the Orange-pink Flame, under the guardianship of Mary
: Magdalene. This is a warm, loving, generous and playful energy. It
: can also be creative, passionate and erotic. It is the warm flame at
: the heart of the Goddess \"fire\".

: Then there is the Opalescent Flame, which is under the guardianship
: of Kwan Yin. This flame represents the energy of Compassion and
: Absolute Truth. It cleanses and removes all that is not in alignment
: with the absolute truth of who you are in your Divine Essence. It
: operates at a very high frequency, and its power cuts through all
: illusions. It is not an easy energy to work with initially, but it
: has great power to reveal the essence and truth in any situation.
: Those who use it wisely will find it to be a powerful tool for
: working with the new energies and creating the New Earth.

: And so, at the Solstice, the Goddess empowered within each one of
: you will come to meet with her Divine partner under the sign of
: Gemini - The Twins. It is a time to celebrate Sacred Union as the
: flame of the Goddess unites with the Divine Masculine in the Cosmic
: dance of the Twin Flame energy. You will feel this energy within
: yourself, and it will be the power that will lift you into a new
: consciousness, and a new way of perceiving who you are and what you
: may create.

: You will find, dearest Lightworkers, that things will flow with more
: ease and grace in your lives. The Harmony and Balance that is being
: restored on the planet and within you as individuals, will produce
: more loving and harmonious relationships. The potential for Balance
: and Harmony and the possibility of choosing and creating Peace is
: now established in the Collective Consciousness as an Archetypal
: pattern of the New Earth energy. Sacred Unions of the God and
: Goddess, the Dance of Complementary Energies, and the blending of
: the Flames of Passionate Creativity, will shape the nature of your
: material experience on the New Earth.

: We will say to you also, dearest Lightworkers, that the energy of
: the Fire Goddess will continue to be the fiery forge that will
: provide the \"womb\" for your new creations at this time. On the
: 6th
: of June, the planet Venus moves into the Fire sign of Leo,
: representing Isis, the Great Mother in her aspect as Sekmet, moving
: towards the Lion\'s Gate for the opening of the Sirius stargate in
: July. Venus will remain in Leo until the 15th of July, when it will
: move into Virgo. But, at the Lion\'s Gate, between the 9th and the
: 12th of August, it will retrograde into the Fire sign of Leo.

: This means, dearest ones, that whatever issues of Creativity,
: Sexuality and Passion are brought up for you to work with in June,
: will be completed and finalized at the Lion\'s Gate in August. This
: is a powerful time. You are being \"upgraded\" and
: \"re-wired\" so that
: you are absolutely prepared to make the maximum possible use of the
: river of light that will pour through the Lion\'s Gate and accelerate
: your conscious evolution into a new phase. We ask you indeed to pay
: close attention to what unfolds in your lives in these weeks leading
: to the Solstice.

: For, as the Lion\'s Gate energy pours in, it will facilitate
: completion of all old energy issues by the 9-9-9, and will prepare
: you for the first true cycle of the New Golden Age that commences on
: the 1st of January 2008. (1-1-1)

: These are indeed powerful times, dearest ones, and blessed times.
: Your Heart will be the only true compass that will take you into the
: new spiral of consciousness. What you feel, within you, must unite
: with what you think, and there will come a harmony between Head and
: Heart, between Thought and Feelings, that will enable you to create
: and manifest in absolute alignment with your personal truth and who
: you are.

: The Balance between Soul, Spirit and Body
: Dearest Lightworkers, as you have worked with balancing your Inner
: Masculine and Feminine energies, you have also worked to facilitate
: the balance between Spirit or Soul, and Matter or the Material Body.

: At this time in your Ascension process, you are becoming
: fully \"ensouled\", and your soul\'s light or energy is engaging
: or
: illuminating the full potential of who you are in your physical body
: and within the DNA records. For, the essence of the Human Angel is
: the exact balance of Human Physical Form with Angelic Radiance and
: Power. Or, the illumination and activation of the template of
: perfection held in the DNA by the electrical power of the Angelic
: Light.

: Dearest Lightworkers, when you achieve that balance within
: yourselves, you will begin to perceive it in others too. You will
: see, not only the physical form, but the light and radiance of the
: soul and spirit within the body. And, as you become aware of this
: aspect, you will learn to communicate and commune on the level of
: the Soul and Spirit, as well as the Physical. This will be the true
: language of the Heart, the language of Light, where soul will speak
: to soul and heart will speak to heart, even as you connect and
: communicate as humans. And, in time, each human encounter will
: become what it truly already is, a sacred communion between souls.

: And, as you learn to honor the Soul and the Spirit in every living
: Being, you will also see the beauty reflected in the physical form.
: For, the Inner Light will begin to shape the Physical manifestation
: in a way that reflects the radiance and the inner beauty. You will
: shine with the perfection of who you are as your Soul and Spirit
: fully inhabit your Physical Form in complete and harmonious balance.

: More Energies in June
: Also, in this mid-year month of June, there will be two full moons,
: the second being known as a \"Blue Moon\". The first will be on
: the
: 1st of June, and the second on the 30th of June.

: The first Full Moon will be a Fire Moon, in Sagittarius, carrying
: the powerful energy of the Solar Divine Feminine. The sun will be in
: Gemini, an Air Sign, creating the playful, warm and dancing energy
: beloved of the Fire and Air elementals. It can also be unstable, so
: be prepared for small \"conflagrations\" and
: \"hurricanes\" on the
: emotional level as well!

: After the powerful Solstice, and as we move towards the Lion\'s Gate,
: the second Full Moon, the Blue Moon, will be in Capricorn with the
: sun in Cancer. This Earth/Water elemental combination will be more
: stable and more gentle, but with the potential for emotional and
: abundance issues to be highlighted and cleared before the new cycle
: commences.

: Also adding to the intensity in June and July will be Mercury
: retrograde, from the 15th June to the 9th July. This energy will
: give you the time and space to work with any old issues and energies
: that need to be released. A final opportunity to fully release old
: patterns of belief and behavior before you enter into the flow of
: the radiant new energies of the new cycle.

: The New Moon in Gemini will be on the 15th of June. This will be a
: good time to \"seed\" your Intention of entering the new cycle
: in
: perfect inner balance and harmony.

: And so, dearest Lightworkers, we wish you joy and love on your
: journey into Light!

: © 2007-8 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global