Paedophiles, Not Pedophiles

Paedophiles, Not Pedophiles
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Friday, December 19, 2008 02:55 pm

Obama is looking like a really, really bad President.

Maybe not the idiot son of an asshole, like Bush...but far more nefarious.
I don\'t care if Larry Sinclair sucked his dick whilst huffing white powders but I don\'t see either of these events as Presidential material.

I sure wish American\'s could spell correctly...rumour, not rumor.
Paedophile not pedophile...the dumbing down has worked I suppose.

I was going to post a few youtbe clips but I\'ve decided not to use their increasingly disturbing \'service\' for a week or so.

Three cheers for fucking change


Have fun eating your tunamutton burgers and deepseasquidtaters.