Pacific Evacuations Portend Earth Roll-Over

Pacific Evacuations Portend Earth Roll-Over
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Juan Loco
Monday, July 25, 2005 02:35 pm

As ice melts from off Antartic land mass and drains to sea it should relieve Antartic land of stress while adding stress to the deep sea basins, thereby setting off earthquakes around the world. Earth is heating bidirectionally, from above and below. Ice is shearing off land masses globally; at Antartica too. Ice is being melted at Antartic land surface hundreds of feet below the ice surface, from within the planet and simultaneously from without, on the surface of the ice.

Ice has a funny knack of turning to liquid when exposed to heat. In the seas of the south that excess water will flood the Pacific atolls upon which indigenous peoples live. First it will be observed in higher than normal King Tides. In case you have never heard of King Tides in the Pacific atolls, the land which is on average 10 feet above sea level, gets flooded seasonally (Kevin Costner\'s Water World?). Building are elevated for this very seasonal phenomenon. Recently, the King Tides have been recording higher levels. Some peoples of the Tuvalu group have been evacuated to New Zealand, but without fanfare--New Zealand secrets 78 persons per year into their country. Kiribati (pronounced Kiri-Bas) is another neighbouring Island group that is experiencing flooding. What plans has Australia and New Zealand for evacuating these Protectorate peoples when sea level permanently floods these Atolls?

These events are harbinger to an Earth roll-over. Preceding the roll-over, the re-distrubtion of its mass being a contributing factor, Earth sway will be exacerbated and noticeably so against its celestial fixtures Polaris and Sigma Octantis.