P Planet-AipacHillaryVs Iran,UsGiongDown,W Vs US,Worst corruption scandal?

P Planet-AipacHillaryVs Iran,UsGiongDown,W Vs US,Worst corruption scandal?
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Thursday, January 05, 2006 03:28 pm

What Really Happened.com: Michael Rivero

Alex talks with WhatReallyHappened.com editor Michael Rivero about the alternative truth movement, brainwashed pro-war imbeciles, the Dyncorp sex slave scandal and more.

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BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Continues to Refuse Showing WTC7 Collapse.. Stay Tuned..

--> 'One of the most explosive US political corruption scandals in decades' - Not Quite [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] Tuesday, January 03, 2006 911Blogger.com Home

The big story of the night is Jack Abramoff's guilty plea which is consistently being referred to as the largest political scandal of our generation by the mainstream media.

Now the question is, how deep will this investigation really be? And does his corruption even compare to the corruption surrounding this administration and 9/11? Are they in any way tied?

Just a few quick searches of 9/11, Abramoff, and heroin will yield a few nights worth of research, is there any chance these things might come out?

Osama Bin Laden, Mohamed Atta, and Abramoff - Wikipedia

In 1995 Abramoff worked for the Global Council of Islamic Banks, whose chairman, Saleh Abdullah Kamel, was under investigation for alleged funding of terrorism, including Osama Bin Laden. [17]

Prior to the events of September 11th, 2001 chief hijacker Mohamed Atta and several of the other 9/11 hijackers were reported to have made multiple visits to the SunCruz casino cruise ship off the Gulf coast in Florida. [18] This has led some to speculate that Mohamed Atta was using the casino to launder money for al-Qaeda and that possibly Atta was involved in a scheme with Abramoff and the mob to smuggle heroin. [19] To date none of these allegations has been confirmed or investigated.

The Big Fix 2006 - Is Abramoff Getting Away with Murder?

Like Iran Contra, it is too big to ever be allowed to break. It involves, as we will see, virtually the whole apparatus of America's secret government. And it leads to places that have nothing to do with Abramoff's 'cover' as a 'College Republican leader' turned 'big money lobbyist.'

Exposure would open up what Sen. Fulbright once famously called, referring to the Bay of Pigs/JFK assassination, 'An endless can of worms.'

I've always found madcowprod.com articles to be a bit hard to follow, perhaps because I haven't read many of their articles, but they and others contend that Abramoff had ties to 9/11.

So, what ties are there, and what are the chances these ties will come to light? Perhaps over the next few days we can help unearth a good set of simple questions for Abramoff and the MSM. Perhaps once he is behind bars we can get some real answers.

Post away.

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A President at war with America

Publisher, Capitol Hill Blue
[ OLD LINK REMOVED ] Jan 4, 2006, 05:52

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President George W. Bush is not backing down from his drive to make the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act become the permanent law of the land and the White House is threatening Republican members of Congress with serious political reprisals if they don’t get in line.

“The enemy has not gone away. They're still there. And I expect Congress to understand that we're still at war, and they got to give us the tools necessary to win this war,?the president said Tuesday.

Ah, the war rhetoric. Whenever Bush wants to get his way with no questions act, he trots out the war talk. We’re at war, he says, and ?as a wartime president ?he must be free to wiretap and spy on Americans at will and trample on the rights that used to be guaranteed by the Constitution.

“When it came time to renew the act, for partisan reasons, in my mind, people have not stepped up,?Bush says. That’s Bush-speak for “you want war? You got war.?lt;BR>
Yes, Bush is a wartime President because he’s the one at war ?at war with the American people, at war against the American way of life and at war with the Constitution of the United States, that law of the land that he calls “just a goddamned piece of paper.?lt;/FONT>

My friends in the White House say Bush has also declared war on any Republican Senator who does not vote to make the Patriot Act a permanent threat to American liberties when it comes back up for a vote later this month.

They tell me Bush repeatedly refers to Idaho Senator Larry Craig as “a goddamned traitor?for joining with Democrats to block permanent renewal of the act and add that the President has similar insults for Senators Chuck Hagel and Olympia Snowe.

In Bush’s world, anyone who doesn’t march in absolute lockstep with his extremist view is a traitor. Such rhetoric, however, doesn’t faze Craig who says “the Patriot Act doesn't do enough to protect the civil liberties of innocent Americans.?lt;/FONT>

Craig, more than most Republicans in Congress, realizes that George W. Bush doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the civil liberties of any American. I’ve known Craig for more than 20 years and he doesn’t suffer fools lightly.

But Craig, Snowe and Hagel are just three Republicans in a Senate dominated by right-wing fanatics who value power above liberty. Risking the wrath of the White House is dangerous ?especially when the President is a member of the same party.

“Bush has shown time and again that he is ready and willing to punish those who disagree with him,?says political scientist George Harleigh. “He may be a wounded lame duck but he is a cornered lame duck and any hunter knows a cornered animal is dangerous.?lt;/FONT>

The excesses of the Patriot Act concern those on both sides of the political fence. That's why conservative firebrand and former member of Congress Bob Barr joined with the liberal American Civil Liberties Union to fight renewal of the act. That's why career professionals at the uber-secret National Security Agency are quitting rather than spy on fellow Americans.

But the USA Patriot Act did not become the law of the land because only Republicans supported it. Too many Democrats also voted to create a law where the rights of American citizens can be held hostage to paranoia.

“Contrary to the president's misleading comments, nobody wants to see the Patriot Act expire,?Democratic Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold said Tuesday, adding that “we want commonsense changes to the act that would give the government the power to combat terrorism while protecting the rights and freedoms of law-abiding citizens.?lt;/FONT>

There’s the rub. In George W. Bush’s world the only “law-abiding citizens?are the rapidly-dwindling numbers of political extremists who still agree with his dictatorial views.

The rest of us remain enemies of the state.
?Copyright 2006 by Capitol Hill Blue

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The Decline of the American Empire by Gabriel Kolko
by Gabriel Kolko

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The dilemma the US has had for a half-century is that the priorities it must impose on its budget and its imperial plans have never guided its actual behavior and action. It has always believed, as well it should, that Europe and its control would determine the future of world power. But it has fought in Korea, Vietnam, and now Iraq ?

the so-called "Third World" in general ?where the stakes of power were much smaller.

The American priorities were specific, focused on individual nations, but they also set the United States the task of guiding or controlling the entire world ?lt;/FONT>

which is a very big place and has proven time and again to be far beyond American resources and imperial power. In most of those places in the Third World where the US massively employed its power directly it has lost, and its military might has been ineffective. The US's local proxies have been corrupt and venal in most nations where it has relied upon them. The cost, both in financial terms and in the eventual alienation of the American public, has been monumental.

The Pentagon developed strategic airpower and nuclear weapons with the USSR as its primary target, and equipped itself to fight a massive land war in Eastern Europe. Arms makers much preferred this expensive approach, and they remain very powerful voices in shaping US foreign and budgetary policy.

But the Soviet enemy no longer exists. The US dilemma, and it is a fundamental contradiction, is that its expensive military power is largely useless as an instrument of foreign policy. It lost the war in Vietnam, and while it managed to overthrow popular regimes in Brazil, Chile, and elsewhere in Latin America, its military power is useless in dealing with the effects of larger social and political problems ?and Latin America, the Middle East, and East Asia are more independent of American control than ever.

Strategically, also, the US is far worse off in the oil-rich Middle East because it made every mistake possible. It supported Islamic fundamentalism against Communism but also against secular nationalism, Iraq against Iran in the 1980s, and it is not simply losing the war in Iraq militarily but also alienating most of its former friends in the region. And Iran is emerging as the decisive power in the area.

The basic problem the world today confronts is American ambition, an ambition based on the illusion that its great military power allows it to define political and social trends everywhere it chooses to do so. When the USSR existed it was somewhat more inhibited because Soviet military power neutralized American military might and there was a partial equilibrium ?lt;/FONT>

a deterring balance of terror ?in Europe. Moreover, the USSR always advised its friends and nations in its orbit to move carefully not to provoke the US, an inhibition that no longer exists.


Entrenched Hypocrisy Hillary Clinton, AIPAC and Iran By JOSHUA FRANK

President Bush's position on Iran is "disturbing" and "dangerous", reads a recent screed written by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). Not long ago the Bush administration accepted a Russian proposal to allow Iran to continue to develop nuclear energy under Russian supervision and AIPAC is downright pissed.

In a letter to congressional allies, mostly Democrats, the pro-Israel organization admitted is was "concerned that the decision not to go to the Security Council, combined with the U.S. decision to support the 'Russian proposal,' indicates a disturbing shift in the Administration's policy on Iran and poses a danger to the U.S. and our allies."

Israel, however, continues to develop a substantial nuclear arsenal, and in 2000 the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) reported that Israel has most likely produced enough plutonium to make up to 200 nuclear weapons. So, it is safe to say that Israel's bomb building techniques are light years ahead of Iran's dismal nuclear program. Yet the major U.S. ally in the Middle East still won't admit they have capacity to produce such deadly weapons.

And while AIPAC and Israel pressure the U.S. government to force the Iran issue to the U.N. Security Council, Israel itself stands in violation of numerous U.N. Resolutions dealing with the occupied territories of Palestine, including U.N. Resolution 1402, which demands that Israel withdraw its military from all Palestinian cities at once.

AIPAC's hypocrisy is stomach-turning, to say the least. The goliath lobbying organization wants Iran to be slapped across the knuckles while the crimes of Israel continue to be ignored. And who is propping up AIPAC's hypocritical position? Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.

As the top Democratic recipient of pro-Israel funds for the 2006 election cycle thus far, pocketing over $58,000 as of October 31 last year, Senator Clinton now has Iran in her cross-hairs.

During a Hanukkah dinner speech delivered on December 11, hosted by Yeshiva University, Clinton prattled, "I held a series of meetings with Israeli officials [last summer], including the prime minister and the foreign minister and the head of the [Israeli Defense Force] to discuss such challenges we confront. In each of these meetings, we talked at length about the dire threat posed by the potential of a nuclear-armed Iran, not only to Israel, but also to Europe and Russia. Just this week, the new president of Iran made further outrageous comments that attacked Israel's right to exist that are simply beyond the pale of international discourse and acceptability. During my meeting with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, I was reminded vividly of the threats that Israel faces every hour of every day ... It became even more clear how important it is for the United States to stand with Israel ..."

As Sen. Clinton embraces Israel's violence, as well as AIPAC's duplicitous Iran position, she simultaneously ignores the hostilities inflicted upon Palestine, as numerous Palestinians have been killed during the recent shelling of the Gaza Strip. Over the past weeks Israel continues to mark the occupied territories (they call 'buffer zones') like a frothing-mouth K9 on the loose.

Hillary Clinton's silence toward Israel's brutality implies the senator will continue to support AIPAC's mission to occupy the whole of the occupied territories, as well as a war on Iran in the future. AIPAC's right --

even President Bush appears to be a little sheepish when up against Hillary "warmonger" Clinton.

Joshua Frank is the author of Left Out!: How Liberals Helped Reelect George W. Bush, which has just been published by Common Courage Press. You can order a copy at a discounted rate at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]. Joshua can be reached at Joshua@brickburner.org.

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UK Government Encourages Citizens to Report their Neighbors

The latest anti-terror advertising campaign by the London Metropolitan Police encourages the residents of London to actively spy on and report anybody, including their own neighbours, should they suspect them to be behaving in a suspicious way.

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