'Opening' the Third Eye, Genetic Manipulations Past

'Opening' the Third Eye, Genetic Manipulations Past
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Sunday, November 20, 2005 06:03 pm

As an afficiando of the various tryptamine psychedelics I have often wondered why we need these substances. I say need in a very precise manner. DMT is NOT like anything else including long term meditation and as authour Johnathon Ott (the translator of Albert Hoffman\'s books) has pointed out...there is nothing \'unnatural\' about ingesting plant alkaloids. In fact we seem to need them in the same way a junkie needs a jab. Without feed we suffer adverse effects (I know, i know...some claim breathetarianism), and this feed ALWAYS comes in the form of either plant substances, or creatures which feed from plant sources, hence plants are the source. The only non-plant food we seem to ingest is salt.
So, that being stated, perhaps meditation, religion, prayer (not to bring up that contentious thing again!), drumming, breath control etc. are ALL attempting to access the realms far easier accessed by the simple (or more amazingly, supra-complex) ingesting of tryptamine carrying (or to be fair phenethylamines must be included) plant substances. But maybe this was not always the case.
There are various peoples who believe we underwent some some kind of genetic manipulation at some point during prehistory. Not ALL of us, but many of us are the product of a little dabbling in the laboratories of various (or singular) nefarious outside intervention. From my studies of power plants and the effects they have on me and those around me, the knowledge that we make our own (mostly after 10-12 days in complete darkness) endogenous tryptamines (and the MAOi\'s which are needed to combat our bodies rapid respones to a burgeoning tryptamine \'invasion\'). It seems as though a rather eloquent and simple method of controling human beings is by either stimulating the neo-cortex to grow to such and extent that the pineal gland (a light activated organ which produces DMT, 5-MEO-DMT etc.) was pushed back further into the cranium to cut it off from the light, or if the neo-cortex was already in place at the time of the toying-with, to somehow get it into the deep, dark recess it is now.
I wonder about certain groups, the Australian Aborigines for one, never underwent this manipulation? Maybe most of the Amazonian Tribes as well even though they quaff, snort and otherwise ingest plant tryptamines all the time. Evidence is showing that ayahuasca use may only pre-date Columus by 100 years or so...100, not thousands. And that the only real answer as to how they ever got around to combing the \'vine of the soul\' with various tryptamine laden, plain looking shrubs is because the plants told them to do so. Three cheers for the plants!
Perhaps, as in GMO foods, our manipulation is ONLY GOOD for so long. This is to big of a subject for one post, but genes drift and they drift BACK alot of the time. A few generations after an alteration takes place too many changes occur to be accounted for. Maybe \'the strange attractor at the end of time\' mckenna was onto (too bad his \'Fractal mountains of history\' co-authored by Shulgins ex son-in-law hasn\'t made it to print!) this. It would rather neatly sew up \'Timewave Zero\', \'Web-Bots\', The Calleman/Lungold interpretation of Mayan Calendrics amongst other things.
Maybe our DNA after having sent out faulty signals to Universe for long enough has been pulsed back into fully functioning as it should.
Credo Mutwa the South African \'shaman\' has stated that \'in the begining when we needed an animal for food we would call the animal to come and die for us\'. then the sky filled with the fire and beings came who messed us up. Maybe the \'Indigo Children\' who the PTB seem so dead set on fucking up with ADHD drugs, asparatame, MSG and other excito-toxins are the product of humanity coming back into focus on the level of DNA repair.
If this is even somewhat true it makes all fears about \'earth changes\', economic collapse, wars etc. absolutely designed to mangle us even more. Maybe it is the lack of fear...nah, I\'ve gone on to more conjecture than i can probably handle already...any thoughts?
Probing the Bowels of Probability (is easier if you use a composting potty)