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Thursday, September 13, 2012 05:41 am

can you imagine they tried to over throw of the usa government I so easy to read and that the thought of being imortal is so stupified that people truly believe it, or is it that the half man/machine is truly short circueting and that the science project is beyond brain washing so many begging for a savior to get them out of what they thought was going to be easy money turns out to be a payment to the demonic ocult?






ask the first man Adams first grand son,




cain killed abel why?




as to why he got so pissed at his brother abel




cause he got a better ataboy due to he tilled the land




and cain only planted the seed






now lets go figure why their first son Enoch was totally taken from the bible




study little ones scoot, and take warning, get off me. PERIOD, 




I wondered why I had a emergency confrence in vegas last night.




now make sure to be more obvious all of you


one thing for sure




I must be a pretty right on prophet to have such high focus.




pondering as to what one will gain


one thing for sure


the prison camps, or the convents for so many are the ones playing in my field of dreams, and you can bet your bottom dollar Karma is what one does


speaks and sheads




how many call civil war, have any thought it will be in the consentration camps to round up the maze of rats that started this 3 stuges go to washington or is it the mac daddy long legs, ha


you tell me


am i on your nerve yet?




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