*NEW* from Clif High: Logical Frank? And loving the Irish... *LINK* *PIC*

*NEW* from Clif High: Logical Frank? And loving the Irish... *LINK* *PIC*
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Wednesday, January 05, 2011 10:47 am



Logical Frank? And loving the Irish...

In this 63 day release language fest (began on 11-14-2010), we have
seen the emergence of the forecast [wild colleen] (ed note: so far in
9/nine different women with Francis Black of recent Dublin protests
being the latest to appear), and now, both temporally related as well as
linguistically and culturally, the [logical frank] meme has manifest its
latest expansion within the mainstream media/propaganda channels with
the appearance of the little red book
and its success at all levels. The logical construct of
the book as well as its declarative structure have presented a very high
\'fill\' rate of the forecast linguistics. This fulfillment itself is our next
temporal marker within the release language \'flood\' of these 63/sixty
three days which end in late January.

In the data sub set that forecast the [logical frank] meme also provides
for our next \'hot date\' of January 7th and suggests that 3/three separate
memes will express on that day with some escalation of the release
language already involved; these 3/three are [economic], [terra
(intrusions on human activity)], and [alien wars]. This last is the larger
context extracted from the SpaceGoatFarts entity {ed note: the data sub
set within our work where we put all the [officially denied], [totally
unknown], and [suspected unknowns] that we encounter.} and is
specifically, on this day of the 7th of January, referring to [future
(reality) emergence]. This is to say that whatever \'events\' or occurrence
that universe manifests in this archetype on that day will have the msm
(mainstream media - also known as = propaganda press) using future
tense words relative to the meme. Though note that these expressions
may not be on that day, but over this next (upcoming) week.

So, to return momentarily to the [logical Frank] meme, we note that the
impact on the rest of the global populace is just now beginning but has
almost NO visibility at this time. This \'little red book\' is the fulfillment
of that part of the Shape report forecast wherein the [logical Frank]
would have a [direct] and [leading] role relative to the [great global
awakening] a2bka (also to be known as) from the point of view of the
ThePowersThatWere, the \'great revolution\'. The appearance of the
[logical Frank] as temporal marker is pre-saying that the next item in
that forecast, i.e. the [great global awakening] is but months from
beginning. This is one of those forecasts where the aware observer can
watch it mature over these next few months in near real time, and
likely (soon enough) in their local environment.

It is the [great global awakening] that will define the underlying
emotional \'tone\' of this year, 2011. From our work, the data seems to be
forecasting 2011 as a year of some significance, that is to say, a year of
recognized, and fundamental, change. The nature of the language
forecasting fundamental change comes from old sub sets that emerged in
the data some years back under the archetype of [monumental]. Now
note that this word, \'monumental\' is always representing a past-looking
view...in other words, the view from the point of view of those humans
in the future who will look back and be so damned amazed by what
will manifest, that they will build \'monuments\' to us poor bastards about
to \'live through\' those events. Make sense? Clear as dark roast at the
bottom of a cuppa? So for us poor bastards, we will look at the times,
while living through them, as being [epic] rather than [monumental].
Descriptors aside, it is just the same linguistic tone, viewed from
differing perspectives in the ever present now.

This also brings us to the next data structures in the same temporal sub
set that are forecasting that universe will manifest not only a [global
presence] for the [logical Frank], but also a [testing] at a planetary
populace level, of [the irish]. It should be noted that the actual
descriptors includes \'the\' as part of the set. An unusual occurrence in our
work, that is the appearance of modifiers or articles in the descriptive labels.
Sooo....looks like the data sets are suggesting that the [testing], by it
nature, will [highlight] or [separate (by shining a light upon)], \'the\' Irish
as a sub set of terran humanity. Not to \'lower\' the discussion (terrible
joke ahead so watch out), but the data also specifically brings up [feet]
in support of the [\'the\' Irish] linguistic set. Further sub sets fortunately
foretell that the [feet] use is NOT related to dancing, but rather is
supported by [counts (as in numeracy)] and as in the [tally of (those
present) their faces]. The data around the [testing of the Irish on the
global stage] points toward mid Summer 2011 and beyond, and also
supports the idea that how [the Irish] [face] and [transit (their visible
test)] will somehow come, in a significant way, to define the emotional
tone that we all (global populace of humans) will be soon also [facing].
Please note that the [binding tie (of humanity)] that connects the two sub
sets of [\'the\' Irish] and the [global revolution (sparked by) the logical
Frank] should be [visible], in the msm, between the June solstice and the
autumnal equinox of this year. Of course the aware observer will be able
to track the progress of this meme as it emerges over late Winter and
early Spring.

While it would not do to \'leak\' too many \'clues\' to what the data seems to
suggest is at the \'center core\' of the disturbance that \'precipitates\' the
\'testing of the Irish\', suffice it to say that the rest of the planetary
populace will be provided both a \'shining example\', and a \'high bar (to
cross)\' in the upcoming \'revelation by testing\' of the \'face\' of \"the Irish\".
Or as universe prompts, one\'s \'gotta love the Irish\' if for no other reason
than their in-built ability to reflect back to universe (usually with an
ironic twist) what the rest of us need to see.

A last item on the \'subject\' of the \'testing\', mostly because it is possible to
do so, and as a demonstration of \'sorts specific\' to a Yevgeni far away, I
note that once again, as with all good dramas, there will be a woman at
the \'nexus\' whose aspect (red) will be reflected in the (self chosen)
attributes of those she \'faces (down)\'. Hint. Hint.

Oh, and please also note that the word \'testing\' herein is used in the
aikido sense, which is not of \'pass and fail\', but rather as an encounter
to help one recognize where they might improve their art. So in this
instance, the \'testing\' of the Irish is really a lesson to us all, and is an
expression akin to \'please demonstrate your art that we might have an
opportunity to learn\'.

So, in ending, and as always, with respect for our partners (nage to uke)
(in contention), and especially for ourselves, let us begin...


January 4, 2011


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