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Monday, July 23, 2007 07:26 pm

I\'m not ashamed of my name either! In fact I was \'given\' the name \'lancifer\' right here on TNT and it stuck. Lance Cameron Roseman is my name in full, most people here know that. I, myself don\'t believe in Jesus what-so-ever, all the books in the world won\'t change that fact. If I were to label myself as anything I\'d have to go for Qalandari Sufi...though I have whirled with the Mevlevis. But I digress...I simply didn\'t \'get\' your post, hence I spoofed it. Not believing in \'Jesus\' I can\'t see what difference it would make if he were a godling, a human or a Betelzenubian from the outer reaches of the place where even \'light ships\' fear to tread.
And I don\'t think God was ever in the book writing game. People write books...except for the Betelzeubian branch, they disdain of paper and pen. It seems to me that nothing but strife and hate comes from the \'Book\' religions/beliefs. And If I hear \"they aren\'t REAL (fill in the blank)...ians\"
once more I\'ll be sick. Religion as it is, is a force of Evil, not Love. And from what I\'ve seen it leads to war, and poverty of the soul.