'as for me I'm still not convinced'.... me neither C.O. *PIC*

'as for me I'm still not convinced'.... me neither C.O. *PIC*
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Thursday, May 02, 2013 06:03 pm

So, I know that my comments on this are going to cause problems. I like Drake and yes I do talk to Drake and have since he came out swinging lol. And this topic has been on my list for years... I want truth... NO BULLSHIT ! I have already heard most of what was said in this show before and from Tanah, Tath of the silver legion. C.O.

I too am NOT in anyway impressed.

My attitude on UFOs is I believe there are ETs... there has to be, too many stars/suns with planets in the universe for there not to be. Though I have doubts as to them being here.... good ones of course ...helping humans free themselves from their own lazyness and stupidity, among other attributes unbecoming of a ?-intelligent race of beings. I\'ve asked many questions of many of the so called experts. channeling is a big pile of shit imho. But these ET connected people, tath and tanah, say they don\'t channel...ok. as you have heard in the interview most questions and answers already... I\'m NOT going to rehash the same crap. but i am going to point out some things that DO NOT fit the claims.

They say that they don\'t and won\'t let nukes be used on Earth... hmmm ? well since the first ones dropped in Japan that ended WW2... the world\'s countries of power have been making and exploding thousands of them since, and that is not all ! the US military uses DU/depleated uranium in weapons used in last last bunch of ? wars, Iraq, afghanistan, etcs.... ARE these NOT nuclear ? are they not made with uranium too ? of course they are and are just as deadly over time as a missile is.... SOOOOO why is it the ETs don\'t stop or destroy them ?

Are these people really talking to /seeing/ part of a ET group? and how do these people know they are the good ones ?

Sorry Drake I have to use your own words here

as stated in the show, the nordic blond aliens are claimed to be hybrid reptilians so that they look good enough to trick people into believing they are good ets. OK I can deal with that....

bible says satan/devil is empowered to deceive us that they can look and do things/magic/tricks/healings so as to gain our ignorant selves into believing they are good angels and to blindly follow them to hell.

Well if thats the case with the reptiles...hmmm dragons? grays, blonds? then what are these ETs/incarnates showing to prove they are not more of the same ? If the evil ones can deceive ANYONE , then what exactly proves these ets are different ?

imho they just like all the rest... they are show NOTHING to prove they are any different then the evil ones...Do Gods angels or good ets deceive too? hmmm good now promotes deceptions as good ? the one thing that silver legion doesn\'t do is channel... so they say. What proof is there ? their word ? Do their lips move like our leaders/bankers/goober employees/ elites/ CEOs/intelligence agencies ? Oh my !

Where\'s the beef in the shit sandwich ?