MAD AS HELL... Chaos is on their side.

MAD AS HELL... Chaos is on their side.
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TNT MadDog
Sunday, April 17, 2005 12:50 am

With all the sex scandals going on in Washington, I am starting to come to the realization (especially due to the \"Type\" of sex scandals) that Capital Hill is actually with the majority of people..... in essence... aren\'t they saying \"No More Bush\"? (okay, maybe they aren’t actually saying it… but we can tell they mean it… our poor children)

Even with the joking aside, these cover-ups are now starting to close, and the media has been so soft in reporting the scale of abuses (especially with respect to \"little boys\" being raped) that I am saddened by our voice \"as one\" to route out the sickness and attack it at its source.

Every single man or woman involved in this perverted behavior and its cover-up should be charged and jailed for life. This is a deep sickness that shows how truly and utterly \"mad\" these Zionists are. And yes... Zionists (NOT JEWS... as they are being used worse than most other ethnic groups, and being blamed by people that don\'t understand how they are just manipulated along with the rest of us).

Of course, allowing these scandals to slowly break out has helped them deceive the public with respect to corruption that is happening in IRAQ, UK, Australia, Mexico, etc. And now we see countries are arming themselves to repel the U.S.A. onslaught of the NEW WORLD ORDER. We are being greased by our own media - ever remaining calm and cheerful (with no real remorse or genuine emotion) while reporting the news.

When will this end? It will not end until these \"Satanists\" bring about their vision of total dominance and control of the masses to fruition. They have masterminded the plan of destruction and chaos to benefit their Globalization plans, and cannot stop their plans for fear of retaliation by the people.

Can we stop them? Only if we work together! We must seek out the PUPPET masters and not the puppets dancing on their strings. Fear is the rule of the day.... and people are just too afraid to speak out and take action. Alas, we seek solace in our abilities to spread the word... but what does that truly accomplish, as it has fed right into their plans. Chaos is on their side...

.... just the rantings of a loud webmaster.